Although in most of the sexual encounters that we have throughout our lives what we women look for is that our partner takes as long as possible to ejaculate, sometimes there are circumstances that change our perspective of things, such as us they made you want in an inappropriate place, we don’t have enough time or we simply want to surprise him and show him how good lovers we can be, ultimately when these cases occur we want them to ejaculate faster than they normally do, soon we will give you the best positions and tricks, which you can use so that he not only ejaculates but also reaches climax and both can enjoy that sexual encounter. The first thing to keep in mind is that even though there isn’t much time for foreplay, These must be part of the meeting so that you can prepare your man’s body and mind and make him enjoy himself to the fullest, that’s why kisses, caresses, the occasional obscene word said at the right time and touching in In general, they can never be absent, when you have managed to warm up, continue with oral sex; man worthy of being loves oral sex, that’s why don’t be shy about practicing good oral sex on him, use your hands to caress his testicles, take care that your teeth don’t rub against his penis and above all, be creative when introducing everything in your mouth, do not be afraid to take it as far as you can from your throat, if you relax you can enjoy it a lot and believe us, he will like it because he will feel something very similar to a vaginal contraction that will be to his total liking. If you have the opportunity to undress and a good bed because sometimes these short encounters do not allow it, start with the well-known missionary and change position as soon as possible, the lotus flower is an excellent option for two lovers to contemplate each other and be able to interpenetrate, also this is a position where men increase their sensitivity for the quality of penetration and although both can set the pace if you dare to take the initiative he will enjoy it much more. In the event that there is no possibility of completely undressing, doing it standing up and against the wall is an excellent option, if the woman can stand on her back and give full control to him so that he sets the pace, as long as both are sufficiently excited the meeting will be memorable, because when this occurs, the adrenaline and the risk of the place where it is done plays a very important role when it comes to achieving ecstasy and rapid ejaculation. Another position in which he will enjoy to the fullest and will be able to set the pace is that of doggy style, in this position the comfort of the woman is essential to be able to enjoy as much as him and if you set the pace a few times, while you relax and You contract your vagina with the Singapore kiss technique, closing your legs a little more to increase the friction, he won’t be able to avoid ejaculating. One of the positions in which men and women enjoy a lot is the Sailing Boat, it occurs when the woman lies down with her legs up and the man penetrates her holding her legs to raise them together with his butt as much as possible, with the In order to heighten the sensation Although the man has the advantage to set the pace if the woman risks making one or another movement in a subtle way, he will go crazy with pleasure and ejaculation will be imminent. Increasing the intensity of pleasure to achieve rapid ejaculation is the position of the Amazon, although this has many variations, when the man is lying on the bed and the woman is on him, we can start on the knees to become familiar with the sensation. and then squat down generating a movement from top to bottom that generates a total ecstasy of pleasure and if we are a little more daring we turn and when we stand on our backs this pleasure can increase much more because in this position it is very easy to find the G-spot of the woman and both will enjoy until exhaustion. In this same scale of pleasure is the position of the indolent, which consists of the man lying with his butt on the edge of the bed, knees extended horizontally and feet on the floor, the woman on her back sitting on his penis with her legs open on top of him, setting the pace and increasing the intensity; I particularly believe that this is one of the positions where men are left defenseless and at the mercy of the woman who can make movements from top to bottom, use her hips to wiggle from side to side and thus drive her man crazy with pleasure and achieve a rapid ejaculation. To finish, the most important thing when having a sexual encounter, whether casually or planned, is spontaneity, we should not follow the manual of the most expert lovers to become one,

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