Most people go to the hairdresser when we want to change the color of their hair, but there are some who, as a matter of practicality, to save a few pesos, of time, of urgency, decide to dye their hair at home, for which you need to be organized. Taking this trend into account, home coloring kits are becoming more complete, but the desired results are not always obtained, so you have to know that it is not only about applying the dye, but also the previous phase, called preparation. to color and post treatment. Some of the mistakes made when dyeing your hair at home are:

Choosing the wrong color:

It is impossible to go from brown hair to blonde, alone at home, as it is considered an extreme change that requires the work of a professional. The rule to follow is to choose a color two shades lighter or two shades darker than your own, to achieve a natural effect. Warm tones can be adapted to a wider variety of tones, so if your hair is a cool tone, it is best to tone it up little by little.

· Not reading the instructions: Believing that you can dye your hair without reading the instructions for the dye can cause a great conflict. Respect each step of the process, do not skip instructions and want to do everything quickly. · Not wearing the right equipment: Dying your hair instantly changes your look, but it has to be done well. Make sure you have everything you need on hand.

· Do not test: Not testing how the hair color would go with your skin before dyeing it is a very common mistake, and you can avoid it by trying different wigs to find the right shade.

Keep your hair clean:

It is necessary that the hair has its natural fat so that the color enters well, so if you wash it before you will not have the result you expect.

· Start with a permanent color: The correct thing to do is to use a semi-permanent dye, which wash after wash, so as not to make mistakes and discover the color that best suits your style and your face.

· Do not ask for help: Asking for help does not mean that you do not bathe alone. Sometimes you need someone to tell you if you need dye somewhere or if you’re using too much somewhere else. Ask your mom, your boyfriend, your sister for help.

· Buy a single box of dye: Something that many do not know is the amount of dye that comes in each kit. A single box is perfect for you if you have short hair, but if you have long hair you will have to buy and prepare two mixtures. When dyeing your hair you should consider some important points: what color you want to have, what dye is the most suitable to have excellent results. Dying your hair is one of the favorite and most common practices of women, especially now that there are many different shades and varieties of hair, including color combinations, highlights, dyeing only the ends, etc.

Hair dyes are composed of chemicals, necessary to change the natural tone of your hair, which invariably cause the hair to deteriorate, turn dull or become brittle, if having it is a constant practice in your life, but You can reduce the impact by following the tips that we tell you below:

1. If it is the first time that you will dye your hair, you should look for a neutral dye that does not contain ammonia, which is responsible for oxidizing the hair fiber. Natural commercial brand dyes are an excellent alternative, they are easy to use since their presentation is shampoo-like, although you must take into account that these colors tend to disappear faster.

2. If you spend a lot of time exposing yourself to the sun, before applying the dye, apply an antioxidant product that contains sun protection to your hair, to prevent less color fading.

3. If the color you are going to put on is lighter than the middle part and ends of your hair, you should apply it to the root first for 20 minutes; after which you will apply the dye from media to ends for 20 more minutes. This process will ensure that the dye remains the same throughout the length of the hair. After this time, apply a jet of cold water and rub all over the hair, this will make the color stay longer. 4. Apply a little Vaseline around the contour of the face so that later it is easier to remove the dye stain that may remain on the skin.

5. In order for the color pigments to penetrate the hair more evenly, before applying the coloring cream, use a color preparation balm.

6. When you want to cover your gray hair, start where you have the most. When you want to lighten your hair, start with the areas where your hair is darkest.

If you stained your clothes with hair dye, wet the stain with lemon juice, leave it for 5 minutes and add cold milk. After an hour, wash the garment as you normally would.

To prevent hair from drying out and maintain its good appearance, mix one egg with 30 ml. of beer. Comb the hair with the mixture and put on a plastic cap. Let it act for a quarter of an hour and rinse your hair well. To achieve the best results, it will always be best to go to a specialist, because he is the one who will know which is the most appropriate style that can adapt to you, as well as the only one who can correctly apply the paint, even if you are used to having yourself. at home, this could be one of the reasons why sometimes the color is not uniform.


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