Remote control sex toys: how to use them?

There are fewer and fewer taboos in relation to sex, which is leading us to be more open to experimenting and including new routines in our sexual relationships. One of the new companions that are becoming part of the game are sex toys, and, more specifically, those with remote control, that is, remote control sex toys , which are becoming preferred by couples.

But how can we use them? Is it necessary to be in the same room to use them? Are they only suitable for vaginal sex or are there options for anal sex too? Are there options for gay sex?

There is a wide variety of erotic toys on the market, which makes it difficult to choose one of them. Not all of us have the same tastes or feel the same when stimulating the same parts of our body. Therefore, it is essential to know all the options, to choose the one that best suits our needs and those of our sexual partner.

How do remote or remote controlled erotic toys work?

In a hyperconnected world, distances are getting shorter. However, when we refer to sex, it seemed inconceivable to be able to do it without sharing space. Chats and video calls have also become a useful tool to bring people closer in the sexual sphere, and cybersex and sexting are becoming more and more the order of the day.

The companies that work in this field have realized the need to shorten spaces, and we have worked to create sex toys that allow interaction in long-distance relationships.

There are several options of remote control sex toys, but the operation of all of them is shared. The simplest ones come with a short-medium range remote control . The newer ones work through mobile phones and their range is greater.

To use it you need a smartphone with internet access and bluetooth. You will simply have to download an app and link the toy with the mobile. This will allow a person far away to choose the intensity and vibrations experienced by the person holding the toy. Giving up control can be a very exciting act for the owner of the toy, as well as for the one who assumes it, feeling that he is the cause of the other’s pleasure.

best remote control sex toys

There is a very wide range of remote control sex toys. Many times we tend to buy the one that has become fashionable or that a friend has recommended to us, but it does not have to be the one that best suits us. For this reason, it is essential to be informed about the possibilities that exist in the market.


If you are classic and what you enjoy most is vaginal penetration, the most recommended is a dildo. If what you want is to add a plus in your sexual relationship or during masturbation, you have the remote control dildo through remote control. On the other hand, if your partner lives far away, they exist with control through the app.

the best vibrators

Among the most used vibrators are the vibrating egg. Vibrating eggs are characterized by their small size. They are egg-shaped (hence their name) and serve to stimulate both men and women. They have several vibration options and there are both vibrators with remote control through the app and with remote control.

bullet panties

If you are one of those people who enjoys having sex in public places, bullet panties are your toy. The bullet is placed in the panties and through the remote control you can control intensity and frequency of vibration without anyone else noticing.


For lovers of anal sex, this toy has become a favorite. In appearance it is similar to a dildo, but it is adapted for anal sex. They have different intensities, vibration patterns, and their texture and shape adapts to the rectum to offer the best experience. There is the version of anal plug with remote control by usb.

vibrating rings

Vibrating rings are the old acquaintances. In this case, the fact of existing with a remote control allows you to take the experience one step further, because the change in intensity in the vibration can be made by both the person who puts it on and their sexual partner at that moment.

Advantages of using remote control sex toys

There are many situations that can affect your sexual relationships. When you have been with a partner for a long time, it is easy to lose that intensity of the first times. Or as we said before, it is increasingly common to maintain long-distance relationships that make daily contact difficult. Not to mention, that there can be extraordinary situations such as the one due to the pandemic, which prevents us from enjoying our partner for a long period of time.

Remote control sex toys are a very advantageous tool, as they have features that will allow you to have a more pleasant sex life.

You can enjoy with your partner

One of the advantages that remote control sex toys offer is that they will allow you to get closer to your sexual partner, both strictly and figuratively.

If the problem is the distance, through its app you can establish the intensity, rhythm and vibration that your partner will experience with its use. Accompanied by a video call it will be practically like being there . You will only lack the power to feel his touch, but that restriction can end up becoming a source of arousal.

If in your case the physical distance is not a problem but you feel your partner getting further away in the sexual sphere or that the routine has become the protagonist, perhaps it is time to include a sex toy in your relationship. Those who have a remote control have the advantage of not displacing the other as the source of pleasure, because many times we doubt whether to introduce a toy for fear of losing prominence.

In this case, these toys become a tool over which the other has control. They can introduce new dynamics in the couple that activate the relationship, maintaining the leading role of both in it.

Forget your settings: use your hands

In the case of being the one who experiences the toy directly, the fact of not having a remote control will give you several advantages.

Whether it is because the other is controlling the toy remotely, or if it is because it has been previously programmed (many of them have this option), not paying attention to this aspect will leave your hands free. You can masturbate while enjoying the pleasure that the toy gives you or masturbate your partner. Be that as it may, you will have more freedom of action to take pleasure to the next level.

 most discreet games

As we have seen, there are quite discreet options to use toys   in public places if you like to enjoy sex in these situations. There is also a tendency to make smaller and more discreet toys to be able to carry them daily in the bag and be able to use them at any time. You never know when the opportunity may present itself.

Advances in society are reaching all areas and sex is not taking precedence over them. Do not resign yourself to the usual or not enjoy 100% of your sexual relations. Research and take advantage of the options provided by the sex toy market and always find an opportunity to fuel the passion. From Enjoy my toy we want to make it easy for you, discover the ideal erotic toy for your relationship.

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