The well-known Mexican actor Roberto Palazuelos Badeaux, self-styled “the black diamond” and famous for his participation in soap operas, is involved in a controversy over a character that appears in the Luis Miguel series. It is that he appears in a not very pleasant way and although at first I take it in a good mood, the continuous attacks on social networks have bothered him too much, so he has changed his attitude.


Luis Miguel, the series, has revived interest in the singer. In this context, videos, recordings, programs, statements and people who, in one way or another, have had something to do with the interpreter have come to light.

For this reason, any element that appears in the series provokes immediate reactions in those mentioned and in the general public.

In chapter 10, Luismi goes to the trendy nightclub in Acapulco, the Baby’ O, to celebrate that Bobby (Palazuelos’s fictitious name) has just landed his first role in a primetime soap opera.

At one point during the chat with his friends, Bobby notices that El Sol laughs and complains about that reaction that makes him feel overshadowed. Luis Miguel responds bitterly, telling him that he is ungrateful, because thanks to him he has traveled the world without paying a penny. In fiction, these words do not fuel Bobby’s fury anymore, who does not stop with his claims and Bobby takes the opportunity to confront the singer for not communicating with Sophie (fictitious name of Stephanie Salas) or for worrying about the daughter he had with her. “Do you at least know the girl?” Asks the character who plays Palazuelos. Then, the singer leaves the club, thus clearly marking the moment of the breakup.

It is not known if what was reported in the series happened that way and if that is how the friendship between the two ended, but the truth is that there was a distance of several years. Last July, the actor spoke of a reunion with the singer, after 15 years of not seeing each other, when they met in a Miami restaurant, although they only greeted each other for a few minutes.

The initial response

At first, the actor did not take the way he was portrayed badly and even joked in an interview with the newspaper Reforma, “When I see Micky in person I will tell him that now if he fulfills it and takes me for a walk around the world . That’s a vile lie, but I’m sorry if it contributes to the success of his series”, he declared. He also had time to record a video and spread it on his social networks. “Well, I don’t know about you but I, I’m still traveling the world,” the actor is heard saying, immediately colliding his glass with that of the woman who accompanies him, who apparently is the one recording the video.


But that initial attitude changed later, due to the wave of attacks and insults he has received.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was that his son, Roberto Palazuelos Jr, began to question him about the veracity of what appears in the series, so he thought it necessary to clarify everything and flatly deny that this had happened.

Palazuelos assures that an incident like the one mentioned never existed, feeling that this damages his image.

In an interview granted to the newspaper El Universal, the Black Diamond affirmed that it is not right that the writers, to spice up the plot, invent situations such as the fact that he traveled the world thanks to the singer, assuring that this has left him exposed to criticism and offenses in social media.

Before that, Palazuelos attended the Hoy program as a guest, where he joked about the situation at all times. He said that at that time he did not need to turn to Luis Miguel to travel the world, since he had a privileged position thanks to his high-level friendships: “I was in TP01, do you know what TP01 is? Presidential transport 01, daddy!” he commented in an amused manner.

In addition, it clarifies that the time in which that scene is located does not correspond to the times. Roberto commented that Luis Miguel had a fight with his friends, but not with him personally, but think that for the writers it was more convenient that in this scene the disagreement was with Palazuelos since, like Luismi, he is famous.

Request and threat?

In mid-May, Palazuelo had said in an interview with the newspaper Reforma: “I understand that they want to exaggerate some details, but the story is being contextualized as real, in a real-life character. So situations are exaggerated, but do not lie about the facts that affect those who did not participate. That’s very different… ”, he said after the broadcast of chapter four, where Bobby appears informing the interpreter of the alleged infidelity of his girlfriend Mariana.

In fact, the actor has asked the singer to take more care of the things projected in the series in the second season.

He was also harsh with the singer and said in an interview with El Universal: “I’m going to tell you one thing, in the series it says that” You will never be like me “, of course I will never be like him, because I come from a family of great ancestry, I am Roberto Palazuelos IV and my son is Roberto Palazuelos V in direct line”.

I also emphasize that the men in his family are lawyers, speak three languages ​​and are successful.

Along the same lines, I add: “I have dedicated my whole life to investing and growing economically, I am building my fifth hotel. Luis Miguel dedicated his whole life to wasting his money.

Palazuelos also thinks that there are many things that are real and that the series has not presented: “From the outset it does not show his arrogance, he gets very decent, it does not show how addicted he was, because that guy got into parakeet every three minutes ” .

“I am a gentleman, I am not going to speak ill of him, nothing more than with me, he does not mess with me, because then I am going to tell the things that I do know”, sentenced the actor.

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