They were very close friends and in fact, they were related.

They came to the British royal family and had their good times together. But at some point, something broke between Lady Di and Sarah Ferguson.

This is the story of two friends who lived their fairy tale, but ended up far apart…even to death.

old relationship

The relationship between Diana Frances Spencer and Sarah Margaret Ferguson began long before they were both part of the royal family.

Actually, both are descended from William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire, so they were cousins ​​in the fourth degree. Her mothers attended school together and although Diana and Sarah grew up close, they became friends in their late teens, in the 1980s, when Diana was 19 and Sarah was 21.

Another fact also unites them: their parents are divorced. In Sarah’s case, scandalously, since her mother, Susan, left the older Ferguson after 17 years of marriage to run away with one of the glories of Argentine polo, Hector Barrantes, whom she later married. .

Both young women shared practically everything: the same circle of friends and the same interests and activities, so it is normal that they spent most of their time together, since they left the respective family home and shared an apartment with friends.

As Fergie’s relationship with Prince Andrew became more serious, she began seeing her with the royal family, which caused her a great deal of anxiety. Fortunately, her friend, Princess Diana, was always there to help and support her. On one occasion, she even lent her a dress for an important event and not only that: she accompanied her. Later, Sarah mentioned in her autobiography “My Story” that she was very nervous that day with all the photographers gathered. She also commented that Diana whispered to her: “Keep smiling” Diana whispered. She followed the advice, as she would for years to come. “I always felt safe imitating Diana,” Sarah says in her book.


Diana and Sarah entered the royal family when they were very young, which led them to feel very insecure on many occasions. And this feeling eventually led to a rivalry between them.

Lady Di married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981, at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. She was a month away from entering her second decade of life, while Carlos was 13 years older. The ceremony was seen by more than 750 million people around the world, thanks to the media.

It can be said that the relationship between Sarah and Prince Andrew began at the initiative of Diana, since she, in 1985, planned a meeting between the two and then promoted the relationship between them.

For example, Sarah was the only one invited outside the royal family to lunch at Kensington Palace to celebrate the princess’s 21st birthday.

At the beginning of 1986, the couple was already engaged and the marriage took place in Westminster Abbey, London, on July 23 of that year. The newlyweds received from the queen the titles of Dukes of York, Earls of Inverness and Barons Killyleagh. Furthermore, Sarah automatically received the Royal Highness treatment from her.

Apparently, Diana had gained an ally to deal with the difficult task of fitting into the royal family. However, not everything went as we might think she had planned. The fact is that Sarah knew how to handle her figure before the different members of the royal family in a better way than Diana. She was able to impress the Queen herself shortly after her wedding in 1986, by obtaining her pilot’s license. She later won over Prince Philip by taking up open car driving, one of her favorite pastimes, and excelled at the royals’ favorite sports. Queen Elizabeth showed her predilection for her Sarah, by frequently inviting her to tea and chatting about horses.

On the other hand, these activities were not Diana’s forte and she clearly felt the seduction maneuvers that her former friend exerted towards the different members of the royal family, commenting to her biographer, Andrew Morton: “Fergie courted everyone in this family and He did very well. She left me like a piece of trash.”

The princess added that even Prince Charles told her: “I wish you were like Fergie, all happy.”

The press also contributed to this whole situation, always mentioning them as “rivals”.

friendship with swings

Although the friends of yesteryear grew apart in their royal years, there was one fact that somehow brought them closer: when they started having problems with their husbands, they naturally grew closer.

But that did not last and later, about six months before Diana’s tragic death, their relationship was definitely severed and she refused to answer Sarah’s phone calls.

shoes and mushrooms

In her book “My Story”, Sarah, the Duchess of York, mentioned an anecdote that provoked great anger in Diana, Princess of Wales.

Fergie said she caught a fungus on her feet after wearing a pair of shoes she lent Diana. This deeply upset Lady Di, who stopped having contact with her former friend. Sarah’s attempts to fix the situation were totally unsuccessful.

For Sarah, the death of Diana, with whom at some point she shared family vacations with their respective children, was a severe setback. “She was a wonderful and loving person, but I have regrets that I couldn’t say goodbye to her. We were angry,” she said in an interview.

A few years later, two new faces come together in British royalty: Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, consorts of Princes Harry and William.

Both have been seen together in various events, so the tabloids looked for a similarity with the story of Diana and Sarah.

Let’s hope that in this case, everything ends better.

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