Muchas veces nuestra inocencia nos hace creer que sabemos ciertas cosas cuando en realidad es todo lo contrario. En este caso la maldad, creemos saber reconocerla, pero no es asi, la persona con maldad es muy inteligente y sabe persuadir. Aunque queramos ver el bien en todas las personas, sacar lo mejor de ellas hay quienes nacieron para sacar ese lado siniestro aun cuando no deberian. ┬┐Por que? Porque todos somos iguales y no debemos hacernos danos a nosotros mismos sino apoyarnos, ayudarnos. Lamentablemente, la historia a veces es otra y cada dia lo que hacemos es hacernos mas dano. Para no irnos tan lejos haremos enfasis en esas personas que les da un morbo inmenso hacer cualquier tipo de maldad, los llena, los hace sentir vivos, lo disfrutan con tanto vigor que es absurdo no temerles a estas personas que pueden ser capaces de absolutamente todo. Si no haces lo que piden te manipularan, utilizaran, lastimaran por no haberlos satisfecho en su peticion.

How can we be sure that a person is good, bad or pretends to be good when the reality is that he is the worst person with whom we can coincide? How can we know?

Here are the signs

1.- They deny reality: They see things in a twisted way and know a truth that is very far from reality. No matter if they are confronted with facts, they will deny any reality that does not suit them or that betrays their true nature.

2.- Twisted Events: They have a great ability to misrepresent any fact that is presented to them. They take everything out of context to create alternative events to fulfill their ultimate purpose. They are very convincing.

3.- Withholding information: If at any time they feel cornered, they are willing to hide all kinds of information. The only way for them to tell the truth about their actions is if they are really up against a rock and a hard place, but usually they always know how to get out of trouble. They manipulate you and then make you feel guilty for not trusting them. Everything is back under your control.

4.- They lie: They tend to poison your mind with things that are totally false, they create enemies for you, they seek any knowledge they have about you to manipulate you and make you believe that everything they say is the absolute truth. They have a certain power in making their words holy water and their lies are not hard to believe.

5.- Remorse: They never feel sorry for those people who have destroyed, hurt, none of that, they see them as their chess game where they move each pawn as they please until they win the game. They enjoy it at all times.

6.- Zero responsibilities: These evil people will not feel responsible at any time for all the damage they may cause. They have no morals. They do whatever they want to do, they feel no pain. If they feel guilty, they manage to “change” reality and blame someone else for their actions.

7.- Manipulation: They are the masters of manipulation. The gods. They know how to handle everything as they please. They always know what to do and why they manipulate.

8.- They love control: They have to have total control of their entire environment, otherwise nothing works for them. They are possessive. If they see that they cannot or are losing control of a situation, they look for a way to get it back. They usually look for the most genuine person to gain their trust and be their friend.

9.- Double life: They will never let you know about their true life. They can take millions of lives and perhaps no one knows it. Or only the people who manage to discover their evil. All their lives are different. They design an image to fit each environment in which they appear, they change their entire perspective, they can even change their name, age, face, everything so that in their next life role it is as they wish.

10.- They steal your time: If they know that you have an important commitment where you cannot stop attending them with great subtlety because it is also something that identifies them, they will make you lose track of time and miss that commitment without you realizing it. you won’t be able to do anything anymore. For nothing in the world do they want you to be better than them, they know when to appear to ruin your plans.

These are some signs that you should take into account when you believe that you are having an evil person nearby. The healthiest thing is that you try to ignore it, not pay attention to it, remove that person completely from your life, whatever, if you have to make a police restraining order, do it. They are not good for anyone, not even for themselves.

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