The intimate area of ​​women is still an area that is very difficult to talk about both for them and for them, since women find it very difficult to say precisely what causes them true pleasure, thinking of all those who were not satisfied With oral sex we give you some tips that will make the next time you do it much better, which for a woman can be a real treasure since it is not easy to find a man who knows how to correctly generate the pleasure that oral sex delivers. 1.- the vagina should not be sucked; a woman’s vagina is not an ice cream to be sucked, it’s not just about sucking, it’s about being attentive to her gestures and movements that will tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t, If she pulls her head away from you, it’s because she’s not receiving pleasure, so don’t forget to lick gently at first, with passion and without grossness. The idea is to provide pleasure and not pain, so you must measure the intensity and maintain a rhythm so that you do not cause any inflammation or pain.

2.- the rhythm; It is very important at the time of oral sex to maintain a good rhythm that allows the woman to reach orgasm, for this it is advisable to start gently and gradually increase the intensity to finish with something more forceful. Do not forget to apply intensity and strength, but with a touch of delicacy you must not forget that it is an area of ​​great pleasure but that with a bad movement it can generate very strong pain, the perfect mix of factors will be the guaranteed success for you. 3.- lubrication; good lubrication is achieved with foreplay and once oral sex has started you can help with your saliva, that is, if they are discreet, it is not about spitting or throwing saliva directly since this can be annoying and unpleasant for some women, distracting them from what essential it is to receive pleasure,

4.- the tongue; if your idea is that she enjoys then take your time and run your tongue all over the vagina, there are men who only care about stimulating the clitoris which is a serious mistake since the woman feels pleasure in her entire area and that makes her enjoy a lot, the movements of the tongue can be fast or slow, the important thing is to lick everything they want with their tongues. 5.- the position; To achieve an orgasm you need concentration and a key factor to achieve it is to be comfortable, for which the position must be important, for the same reason it is better not to improvise at the last minute or believe you are an acrobat since that will not help you achieve the long-awaited orgasm , women hate to stop oral sex to change positions, so define one from the beginning and just enjoy the pleasure that oral sex gives.

6.- the clitoris; This is the most sensitive area of ​​women, stimulating it with great force can become painful or uncomfortable. She always gives signs of whether you are doing well or not and one way to know is how she grabs your head, if she squeezes her legs it is because you are not doing well, on the other hand if she opens them for you it is because she wants more. Licking the clitoris is easy, just don’t do it too hard because depending on each woman it can turn into something painful, everything we don’t want when we seek to deliver pleasure. 7.- the fingers; using the index and middle fingers is recommended, but you have to know how to use them to generate the expected effect, you should also know that you will only put your fingers when she is lubricated so as not to hurt her and that the pleasant moment does not disappear.

Do not forget that the most important thing to achieve success is to start with foreplay that stimulates her enough so that she is willing to receive oral sex pleasantly so that she is excited and lubricated, otherwise it will be uncomfortable and painful, keep in mind Keep in mind that this part of the body is very sensitive, any inappropriate movement will make everything go from passion to pain, which would ruin everything. When you feel that she is enjoying the moment and her fluids begin to be more intense, spread them all over her vagina and you can play with your fingers, the intensity of her movements and breathing will tell you if you are doing it right, maybe you don’t. say with words but if you pay attention you can see that his whole body screams what he wants,

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