Many times in our relationships, sex becomes monotonous and lacks variety, causing the flame of love and passion to go out little by little. Therefore, it is always good to try new positions and making love standing up is a very good idea. There are different positions, from leaning on the wall or on the bed, to performing one or another acrobatics that requires more than one attempt to achieve the goal. Of course, we are sure that the effort will be worth it. It should be noted that when you have sex standing up, the intimate moment with your partner will leave the bedroom. Since you can innovate and go through different parts of your house such as the kitchen, bathroom or even the dining room. Below we explain five quite exciting poses.

On the stairs

If you have a two-story house take advantage of the stairs in this pose. You must place yourself in a doggy position between the steps, rest your hands on the upper ones. Your lover should stand behind you in a semi squat position.
Wooden bridge

For this pose if the skill of both is needed. He will lie on his back and then get up until he adopts the posture of the image. Then, you must sit down very carefully and delicately, before beginning the rotation movement of the love game.
Against the wall

For this position you and your partner should be standing near a wall. You will be the one who supports him so that he takes you from behind. This is one of the simplest poses.

The cocktail

This pose adapts to any circumstance, this posture offers you all the charm of a casual and unexpected encounter. Both should be standing facing each other. The man must stimulate his partner’s sex with his. To achieve penetration it is recommended that the woman rises, putting on heels or some support.
The fan

The woman should be standing and her arms supported on the back of a bench or chair, with her back to her partner. While the man draws her against hers, putting his hands between her legs, which she has slightly separated from her. She must caress her clitoris to then begin penetration. This position produces a fairly deep penetration, and a good stimulation of the vagina and the G-spot.

The tripod

From the front, the man takes the woman’s left leg and supports it with his right hand, below the knee. She moves her hips forward to facilitate her penetration and he moves her leg forward a little between her two to form a tripod, whose balance depends on the strength and resistance of both.
Vertical doggie

This sexual position is well known, which is also usually very pleasant for men and women when there is good stimulation. The variation lies in the fact that once penetrated, the woman throws her arms behind her so that the man takes her and little by little takes her to a vertical position.

Feet on the ground
Without seeing each other face to face, the woman turns her back and waits for the penetration of the man, who can vary his inclination and movements. Both have freedom of movement to caress the most erogenous zones of the other’s body. This position also allows for anal sex and mirror play.

In the case of making love standing up, it must be said that having sex in an upright position can include other settings in the house that are not the same bedroom, which implies another plus of innovation. The kitchen counter or the living room table can be good allies when it comes to bringing more emotion to your sexual life. In addition, it is a good way to keep fit… Always try to give free rein to your imagination and recreate scenes from your favorite movies, this is one of the best ways to avoid boredom in matters of sex. In addition, they allow a couple discover and encourage your erotic imagination, while increasing sexual passion. Try it and give a twist to the routine! Another idea is to do something different every day, for example, you can try erotic games a couple of days, another to have sex standing up, another day to do something more traditional. As long as you like it, everything is welcome!

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