The goal of sexy lingerie is to enhance the shapes and make the woman who wears it feel even more feminine. 

Although lingerie is in most cases invisible to outside eyes, wearing seductive undergarments has been shown to have a real effect on the charm a woman feels she has. 

Below you will find a series of tips to choose the perfect female erotic lingerie for you.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Always wear the right size for you
  • 2 Choose the color of underwear that suits you best
  • 3 The Bra
  • 4 Panties, thongs and culottes
  • 5 Stockings and garters
  • 6 Choose lingerie to wear according to different occasions.

Always wear the right size for you

The art of seducing is personal and different for each woman, there are no standard rules to apply, on the contrary, seduction must adapt to our personality and our body, especially when choosing sexy lingerie.

The first step is to choose the right size: underwear that is too tight will reveal imperfections and leave obvious signs of elastic bands that are tightening on the body. If it is suitable for our body and our curves, a set of sexy lingerie in plus sizes will be the winning weapon to capture their full attention. Do not worry, your partner will only notice the general effect, the size of your lingerie will remain a secret only for you.

Choose the color of underwear that suits you best

The trends in lingerie vary every year, so you should not get carried away by them so if, for example, your seductive spirit and your sensuality are enhanced with a set of classic and timeless black underwear, do not follow the trends of the moment and consider your personal inclination to seduction. 

The color you choose should highlight your femininity, suit your natural colors and immediately make you feel more glamorous and sexy. If you have fair skin, avoid bright colors like yellow or orange, while if your curves are generous, don’t be tempted by a red lingerie set or a sexy leather bra, you risk looking vulgar.

The Bra

There are many different bra models on the market, with underwire or padding, push-up or balconette, triangle or bandeau, and they are designed to naturally enhance the curves of each woman. 

Based on your physique and your measurements, we give you a couple of tips to guide your choice towards the bra model that suits you best. If you have small breasts, green light for balconette bras, which give you extra size and lift your breasts, but be careful with the padding, if you go overboard with the foam you run the risk of leaving your boyfriend disappointed the moment you take off your bra 

If you have generous breasts we suggest you opt for an underwired bra, the extra support for your sexy curves is never a bad idea. 

If you are one of those who is very lucky and your forms are firm, any bra will suit you, even triangle or bandeau models.

Panties, thongs and culottes

It is essential to choose the right accessories to be sexy and enhance the curves that mother nature has given us. If you have a curvaceous physique and generous shapes, the right combination for you is the culotte, which lifts and makes your butt visibly firmer. Choose a seamless culotte and play with the transparent effect of transparencies and lace, the seductive effect will surprise you.

If abundance is not the right term, opt for panties made with very elaborate fabrics: raised seams, bows, small ruffles under the clothes give that extra volume that changes shape.

If, on the other hand, your curves are firm and round, your perfect panty is the thong.

stockings and garters

Stockings are the perfect complement to give the final touch to any look. Whether with garters or without them, a stocking will help you enhance your figure even more, giving special prominence to your legs.

Choose the lingerie to wear according to different occasions.

Last rule to keep in mind: choose the lingerie you want to wear according to the occasion.

On elegant occasions, it is better to choose a complete underwear without seams and in a neutral color that models the body under the dress, while if the occasion is a romantic encounter, bet on lace, prints and daring models.

However, this rule is not a mantra to follow to the letter and any time is a good time to wear erotic lingerie. The important thing is to feel good and safe with yourself.

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