We often get used to sharing photos of our daily lives on social networks without knowing the negative repercussions that this action has on our relationships. Today we will talk mainly about the photographs that we show of our partner or our relationship, and it is that many times we resort to this medium to make us a backup of our beautiful moments. A study was carried out on hundreds of Facebook users and when you know the results of the conclusions, you will surely not want to publish too much about your relationship on the networks. It is common that we meet someone who spends too much time on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. showing off your partner, sharing one photo after another about your relationship and tagging your partner on trips or the gifts you give each other, hashtag here and there showing your great love.

For this reason we believe that this article will be of interest to you. A recent study revealed the reasons that cause this type of action as well as the message that the person who does it really intends to convey. According to research, it is people with low self-esteem who tend to brag about everything they do with their partner, over-publicizing every personal encounter they have.

We clarify that there is nothing wrong with taking photos with the couple from time to time and tagging each other in the places they visit or activities they do together, what’s more, that’s super romantic but the focus of the investigation is the people who do it more than the rest, compulsively. It is not the same to share images from time to time to show off the relationship repeatedly saturating all your accounts and hers with the labels, this can show a conflict of anxiety. This was revealed by the Journal of Social Psychology, which points out that those who presume happiness and perfection in their relationship on social networks are very anxious people.

According to the researchers, the reason behind these types of posts is a person’s low self-esteem or self-doubt about their partner’s feelings.

Taking also special attention to the use that these subjects make of social networks. The result verified what we all already intuited: if you brag about your love on the networks, perhaps you will not be as happy as you try to show others.

This research was directed by Tara Marshall, at Brunel University, who studied more than 500 people and their respective social network accounts, the conclusion she reached is surprising, those who like to show off their partner on the networks tend suffer from self-esteem issues. Although this analysis dealt specifically with the case of Facebook, the truth is that its conclusions can be extended to Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter, since users who project their “achievements” in these media always seek the same end.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg, since their insecurity generates a series of problems that further harm the relationship and they may have negative behaviors that further alienate their partner, such as harassing their partner’s activity by monitoring everything they do online. , asking about who added or accepted such a person, conditioning the friendship by asking to remove exes from their list of friends, and other behaviors generated by jealousy, lack of trust or security and if a brake is not put on time this behavior is alienating all aspects of life, not only in the networks and therefore what is shown as love (in excess) ends up killing the relationship.

Is it your insecurity or your partner’s insecurity? The truth doesn’t matter who it comes from because when it settles in the relationship it causes so much damage to both. Logically, insecurity destroys trust as a couple, that fundamental value without which it is impossible to achieve a healthy relationship. That insecurity does not let you speak clearly, talk about your feelings, talk about the state of your relationship. You are afraid to say what you shouldn’t and you prefer to keep quiet.

But insecurity can be avoided. It requires effort, like relationships, it requires self-affirmation exercises and it requires time alone. Yes, we have said alone.

Also talking with your partner about the role of networks and the place that this occupies in the life of each one, which logically is not the most important, from that it is already understood that it is not necessary to share things all the time nor do they need show off each other, showing each other as a possession or a trophy. You need to recover your security, your partner is already with you for something, and you live a real life together, not a virtual life, virtuality is nothing more than a tool for communication. If you are such a person, ask yourself: What do I want to show and to whom? It is important that you are sure of what you have and take care of your partner but in a positive way without being overwhelming. Some things are better left private.

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