I thought she was married to a CIA agent, but the secret she was hiding was something quite different. She was well aware that because she was an important agent of the powerful CIA, mysteriously disappearing from her home was something normal. Secret and unexpected missions as well as sudden trips were not lacking… It was clear that her husband’s life was not the life of a simple ordinary mortal. She gladly fulfilled her task, which consisted of always covering him up in front of relatives and neighbors. Why not do it systematically, when after all her husband who was destined to serve the country was at risk and she decided that she had to accompany him in the best way. She prided herself on being a good wife and that was Mary’s life in Edinburgh Turner Thomson, with the small detail that she lived deceived.

Married to William Allen Jordan, Mary lived in a complete fantasy for years, according to the story he was the ideal man, even almost perfect: extremely kind to her, attentive to her needs and to crown the paragon of qualities he was also a wonderful father of two little ones

The truth, however, was very different, Jordan was neither a CIA agent, nor so kind, much less attentive or an exemplary father. Conversely. He was hiding an unspeakable secret that Thomson discovered thanks to a totally unexpected call.

Cough was too much like the plot of a BBC series, called Mr. Wilson, the drama tells the story of a woman – Alison Wilson – whose husband leads a double life as a “secret agent”. A double life and a triple marriage, to be more precise.

“Watching the series was like watching my own story. I met William online when she was a single mother with a nine month old baby. He was charming and wrote to me all the time. We started dating and he asked me to get married after two weeks of knowing each other. I said no, but we got engaged and then we were married for four years,” Thomson, 53, told DailyMail.

All of Jordan’s lies were of such size and elaboration that he managed to make his wife believe that he was a secret CIA agent and that he was currently commissioned to work in conjunction with MI5, the British internal intelligence service. A mysterious underworld that was completely unknown to her, but nevertheless exerted a certain fascination on her.

During the periods in which Jordan had to be absent for his supposed “missions”, the “super agent” took advantage of the time to visit his multiple families. He had another wife and… 13 children in total with other women!

“In 2004, when I was pregnant with Zach, she told me that someone she met in a sting operation was going to kill our children, kidnap them, cut them up and mail them if we didn’t give them money. At this stage, I was completely under her control, so I sold everything I had, my house, my car, my life insurance, everything, ”says the victim. In total there were 200 thousand pounds that he gave to the impostor. The entire sinister web of lies was exposed in 2004. Everything came crashing down for Jordan when a woman named Mischele Lewis called her. “Are you Mary Turner Thomson? Are you also Mrs. Jordan? Well, I’m the other Mrs. Jordan.”

Mischele Lewis and William Allen Jordan, the woman who noticed that there were two “Jordan ladies” “We met in a cafe and talked for 12 hours. When he left at 6 the next morning, I sent him a message and left him, ”said Thomson, who wrote a book (The Bigamist) recounting all the unusual drama of him. Jordan was charged and convicted of bigamy and fraud. Also for illegal possession of a firearm. He then deported to the United States.

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