Today it is very difficult to reach a compromise; There are multiple labels to not define a relationship as serious: friends with benefits, special friends and more terms that only show that most people do not want to project a life as a couple but are only looking for an adventure, a momentary experience.

If you are also looking for the same, there is no major problem, but if what you are looking for is true love, you deserve to receive the same, so if you are in a relationship and you want to know if it is going to prosper, you should pay attention to how your boy acts, well If he doesn’t want anything serious, you’ll be wasting your time.

Here we leave you a series of characteristic behaviors that can show you that your boy does not want anything serious with you.

1- You are his plan BC or D

This means that you are never his priority, that he is not really interested in spending time with you.

He only looks for you when he doesn’t find anything better to do, or worse still, he only accepts a proposal from you if he has no other option.

He cancels you at the last minute if he has a plan with friends, co-workers, family or others.

With this he shows you that you are not his priority to give you his time and that obviously he will never want something serious with you.

2- He never shows you in public

When they make an appointment, they always choose very private places, not very crowded, or it is only at their house or yours, because they do not want anyone to see them together.

The reasons can be several, since he doesn’t want anything serious, like he’s embarrassed to be seen together or because he has another relationship in parallel.

Any of these reasons, if it is that keeps you so hidden, rest assured that he will never want to have a commitment with you.

3- He does not introduce you to his friends or family

You are never invited to their meetings with friends or family and also avoid meeting them at all costs. The fact that he does not integrate you into his social circle is because he does not want you to be part of his life. If he tells you: no need, that he has already told them about you or makes an excuse that you will not like them, it is because he does not want to show you as a couple, so it is more than clear that he has no intention of committing.

4- He doesn’t want to meet yours either

Like you, if you want him to be part of your life, you consider him important, you want everyone around you to know him.

But if you only receive negatives to all your invitations either to a party with your friends or family, be sure you do not want to advance in the relationship. He has the idea that by getting involved with the people you love he is creating a deeper bond, a greater commitment and it is something he wants to avoid.

5- His appearances are sporadic

When you think that the date has gone super well, that they have hit a lot of vibes, he disappears without leaving any trace, much less giving an explanation, then he appears when he feels like it and when you ask him what happened he gives you unclear answers .

Another behavior that he has is that you write or call him, he does not answer you, leaves you on seen or answers you after a thousand hours; Days can go by without you hearing from him and then he shows up, sends you a message as if nothing had happened.

If he has this behavior with you, it is definitely because he is not interested in sharing anything with you.

6- He looks for you only when he wants to have sex

Many men pretend to be interested in having a relationship to get sex, as they may reject it if they go directly to their target.

If every time you make an appointment you just have sex, if he only wants to see you when he’s drunk or late at night, it’s because what your man is looking for is a sexual partner and not a partner for a serious relationship, so You have to decide which one you want to be.

7- He does not talk to you about his personal things

In a serious relationship as a couple, one hopes to have a partner, someone who listens and is present for the other, if you are willing to offer him all that but he refuses to express his emotions, talking to you about his dreams projects is because he does not want to create a deep emotional bond with you or make you participate in their projects.

8- It does not tell you about the future because you are not included in it.

When we are in love we see that person in the future, but when we do not take a relationship seriously, when we know that it is something temporary, of course we will not take the time to think or make medium or long-term plans.

And not to mention getting married, buying a house or just moving in together. If he avoids all the topics related to the future, it is because he wants to make you understand that you are not included in it.

9- He goes out with other women

If your partner goes out with other women and does not even bother to hide it, it is more than evident that he wants to make you understand that the relationship they have is not exclusive at all and that it is not serious at all. If you do not accept this from the beginning you will be very hurt.

Many times when we are in love, we have a hard time accepting that the other does not feel the same and that he does not want anything serious with us. We think that we will be able to conquer it and reverse the situation because we do not want to lose hope.

However, this rarely changes. When someone does not show interest or commitment from the beginning, it will not change over time. It’s not your problem, it’s someone else’s issue.

So so that you don’t deceive yourself, take note of the signs that we quote so that you don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t want the same as you.

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