Nobody is perfect and much less in the field of relationships. Normally these are built with a lot of give and take, good times and others. In general, it is necessary to reconcile education and different histories, in order to reach a certain base of understanding.

It is normal that there are disagreements and discussions and over time, you think you have found the perfect man.

However, sometimes the feeling clouds reason, prevents you from thinking clearly and you do not see obvious things.


There are things you don’t like, details that accumulate and accumulate. You look into his eyes waiting for the answers to the questions you don’t say out loud, but nothing happens and your torture increases.

Therefore, this is a small guide that tells you that a man is not really the right one for you. 1. It does not make you feel special: every woman needs to be next to someone who remembers us and shows us that we are special and that she cares about us. If a man doesn’t, he definitely doesn’t value you enough.

2. He doesn’t really communicate, he doesn’t seek to deepen the relationship between them. In reality you feel that you are in an asymmetrical relationship, in which your partner knows everything about you but you do not know much. When they have a problem, he turns a deaf ear and simply says that he will wait for your anger to pass. He does not express his feelings or say what he thinks, and he believes that displays of affection are a symbol of weakness. 3. He constantly criticizes you, he does not appreciate your virtues. He often makes you feel inferior and ashamed of yourself when they are with other people, with cruel appreciations and jokes, criticism and hurtful observations, whether it is about your appearance, your decisions or your dreams. He reminds you that for someone to be a partner, they must really be one and deserve your full trust. Four. A man who does not respect you as a person does not deserve to be by your side. If he feels superior and is macho in his ways, he will not respect you as an independent person. A sentimental bond does not mean that you are his property.

5. Although he is on your side, you feel alone, abandoned and unappreciated at all times. You hope that this situation will change one day, but intimately you know that this will not happen.

6. He always marks the agenda, he is always in the driver’s seat. He decides everything, from the smallest to the largest and he does not make you participate in any decision. Your decision doesn’t matter, only his.

7. You know that you are not his priority and when he comes to you, it is because everything else has failed and he makes you feel merciless. You are not at the top of his priority list, rather you are relegated, since he does not spend time for you. 8. He changes and changes plans, usually for things that he prioritizes before you. It can notify you 10 minutes before they will not come out, unforeseen events are always more important than you. He won’t change his routine for you, but he will change yours without any remorse.

9. He will always avoid your questions about the future: for him, it is never the time to bring up the subject. In reality, what he is looking for is to avoid all kinds of commitment, much less with you.

10. When something important happens to you, be it positive or negative, he is not by your side. The reason is very simple: he is simply not interested in you. 11. He only appears when he wants and you don’t even know why he does it, there aren’t many explanations about it.

12. Sex with him is just that, there is no emotional commitment on his part. 13. It is difficult to locate him, he leaves you in sight and gets angry if you claim him. He also gets angry (and a lot) if you are not available to him when he wants.

14. He is late, he always makes you wait and he doesn’t care about that.

15. He doesn’t invite you to his meetings, you only know his friends and family through photos and stories, in the best of cases. Of course, they don’t have much data on their work either. The explanation is very simple: he has no interest in introducing you into your life and you will not go from there.

16. You have become accustomed to living in uncertainty: you make plans “in case he can go out with you”, you have become an expert in changing plans at the last minute.

17. You come to appreciate his gestures that are not really typical of a relationship. You appreciate a simple call as a gesture of love, when in reality it is just a call and probably because he needs something. 18. By going after him or rather, by being aware of him, you are running out of friends, since you postpone plans over and over again. 19. You ask yourself serious questions, you doubt the relationship, you know that it is not going the right way. You get used to living in that uncertainty, which makes you feel bad, but you feel immobilized.

20. You have come to the conviction that the relationship is not what you need and deserve, but you do not take the appropriate measures. In reality you do nothing and you repeat the same mode of operation of the couple: you wait for him to make the decision, but he never will.

Recognize it and accept it once and for all: this man will never give you what you deserve, he is not for you. He cultivates your self-respect and stops being at his feet and at his service, you can’t stay stuck in this relationship that doesn’t take you anywhere.

You will remember the saying “better alone than in bad company”: this is even worse, because in reality you are not accompanied. You will know that there are people incapable of loving anyone because they love themselves too much, that they will never open their hearts, they will never say “I love you”.

Do not waste time if you are in a relationship of this type: leave immediately, you will only get pain and nothing good will come out for you.

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