It is said of free people, that they are happier than other individuals, because they do not have an emotional attachment that characterizes them. For the most part, they are people with good self-esteem and a reflection of themselves, therefore, they prefer to prioritize what they want to do and enjoy, before depending on another group of people. In addition, individuals with these characteristics are happier and more intelligent, as they denote a very great inner power by being able to see life in color without the company of other people.

When we think of free souls, most think of debauchery and ways of acting and feeling, but that is far from being an individual with these qualities.

Most people who suffer from these characteristics do not know that they are a free soul, they have simply lived like this all their lives and do not want anyone to coerce their freedom and happiness.

In addition, free people are characterized by being happier, not needing company and being very positive with their lives and that of others. For this reason, we have prepared a guide of 7 signs that indicate if you are a free soul:

1  –  You are one of the people who enjoys alone : ​​These types of people are characterized by being happy alone doing activities or simply enjoying a mere glass of wine in a bar. They do not need anyone to accompany them or approve of what they are doing. They just want to make their wishes happy and they go for it. When a person is a free soul, he feels good enjoying himself alone and also accompanied, he only takes advantage of the best of life and lives the moment with full happiness without thinking about any situation that hinders his mind.

2 – They do not need a partner to be happy: Most of the people who are characterized by being a free soul, do not define themselves as people who need a partner to be happy, they do not have those emotional attachments and tendencies to put it or put it all in others to feel that they are full and comfortable with themselves, on the contrary, they always find relationships without looking for them and live day to day without allowing anything to coerce their freedoms.

In addition, most are not interested in having a long-term relationship or not, the relationship simply comes out of nowhere and they flow little by little without stressing about anything.

Many people consider people who are not interested in long-term interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex, acquaintances or friends to be defective, but the truth is that people who have a free soul are happy with themselves, without depending on others. If you have this characteristic, without a doubt, this is your sign of freedom.

3 – You like to spend time on your activities or hobbies: If you are a free soul, surely you belong to that select group of people who have many things to do without depending on others for it. Most people with this characteristic have many hobbies, ideas and leisure that they don’t have to share with others, and less than they understand why and why they spend time on these things. In addition, they have many things to enjoy alone even if nobody wants to go with them, the most important thing is to do the activity and enjoy it to the fullest.

4 – You do not like possessive people:  People who feel free tend to feel very overwhelmed with individuals who want to know what they are doing all the time, where they are and what they will do next, because they have a sense of privacy and belonging to them even greater than communicational fidelity with other human beings, be it father, mother, friend or partner.

If you are a free soul, I am sure that you are reluctant to be controlled and monitored all the time, because you feel uncomfortable giving unnecessary explanations about yourself and your life.

5- You hate emotional attachment:  Probably, you do not understand the emotional attachment that others have with specific people, for example, that friend obsessed with the boyfriend and the other who cannot go out or be alone if she is not with someone or with her friends . You are able to be alone for weeks without having to depend on seeing or hearing from anyone as long as you have things to do or things in which you can feel happy on your own. Clearly, you will never understand why others need to be close to others to carry out activities or simply not to get depressed from being or feeling alone, if you are happy alone or accompanied.

6 – It doesn’t matter what others say about you:  People with free souls have no interest in knowing what others think of them or what they do.

They are simply happy with the person they are and if someone criticizes them or does not agree with their thoughts and way of life, who cares! Sure many times you have found yourself being criticized by people about your individuality and you have not given an explanation because the thoughts that others may have towards you do not contribute anything to your life.

7- You are happy being alone or accompanied.

People who do not need other individuals to laugh and enjoy life are very free spirit and personality beings. They don’t have that social bond that everyone has hanging around their necks, needing to be with other people or their approval. You like the company, but you are not afraid of loneliness.

In the end you live your way and do not let anyone disturb your plans. If you want to go, you will go, and if you don’t want to go, you will stay. You have fun at your whim as you want and you are happy doing nothing and from nothing without thinking about what others will be doing

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