Angels are non-physical entities that vibrate at a different frequency than physical mortals. These spiritual guardians are always trying to guide actions and thoughts, which will be of benefit to us. It all comes down to whether or not you have the capacity of mind and soul. Are you willing to believe in the powers that are trying to stop humanity from their own cold and destructive hands?

Do you see patterns that go beyond the norm?

It is a mystery as to how these guardians came to protect and care for us. I believe that this mystery is an inherent aspect of the infinite universe.

As an element of infinity, we all see different responses. Regardless of how you view the truth, the way angels appear has remained the same for a long time.

They do not normally manifest as a physical projection, as they have a tendency to appear in the most subtle forms. The following 7 ways are some of the most common experiences reported by people all over the world.

temperature changes

The room may become warmer or colder, inexplicably. The vibration of the angels can slow down or speed up the molecules in the air, resulting in a change in temperature. Pay attention to what you are doing or thinking and feel, what is being communicated to you.

White feather

Finding a white feather is one of the surest indications that our guardian angels are near. The guardian angels want us to know that they are nearby, so they leave us white feathers so that we can find them.

They do it especially in difficult and unexpected moments when we feel alone.


Your guardian angel may make an appearance in your dreams to let you know that he is there and watching over you.

Because they don’t necessarily appear as “angels” in dreams, many people ignore them.

Take note of special visitors in your dreams. They can be your guardian angels .

Pet and/or baby reactions

Have you ever witnessed a dog, cat or baby that seems to be looking at nothing?

This is a rather mysterious phenomenon that may be related to having a guardian angel nearby.

Many spiritual experts believe that children, babies, and animals are more sensitive to the presence of angels or spiritual beings.

signs in nature

When you notice something unusual in nature, this may be a sign from a guardian angel.

For example, you may be able to see the shape of a face within the bark of a tree or a rock in the shape of a star or heart.

Perhaps you are on the beach and suddenly a dolphin shows its fin on the surface of the water.

Similarly, simply noticing the beautiful little things in nature can also be a sign like flowers or butterflies.

You feel like you’re not alone

As I mentioned earlier, feeling the presence of a spiritual being is among the most common signs that a guardian angel is nearby.

(Perhaps we feel them covering us with their wings to give us comfort?)

Sometimes their gestures are just subtle, but surely our guardian angels will do their best to comfort us and make us happy.

For a second your sight appreciates more colors

At that moment when your vision is clouded by “orbits” of color and light, angel believers have the belief that those colorful auras are, in fact, vehicles for angels. If you notice any unexplained flashes of light, or flashes colored means that your angel is near and is trying to bring you healing, uplifting and rejuvenation. When such a thing happens, close your eyes and relax.

You perceive a sweet and different smell in the environment

You get a too sweet and soft smell to your nose for no apparent reason. It can be from sweet food, some flowers or the perfume of someone who passed away and used to wear it.

Numerology follows you on a normal day

According to angel believers, another common way they communicate with you is through numerology. Angel numbers are those like birthdays, anniversaries, or magic numbers like 333 or 11:11.

Coins, money

If you keep finding money and other valuable things it doesn’t mean you’re just lucky.

However, some friends complain that they have not found anything in their lives, it is because your guardian angel is supporting you and is close to you.

You see angels in the clouds

When you were a child, every time you saw a cloud you would find some form for it. Well, there are people who say that there are certain forms of clouds that let you know that your guardian angel is with you. The figure is that of an angel, although it can also be a figure that gives you peace, such as a heart or some symbol that is particularly significant to you.

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