Unfortunately, it could be said that very few women have the perfect measurements and the effect of the wasp waist. Women dream of having a well-defined waist and a flat stomach, but due to bad eating habits we cannot reach that goal.

But what if we told you that you can show off a perfect waist without having to make any effort? Yes. That’s right, you can get a slender figure and a slim waist by following these tips on how to dress to hide and appear a wasp waist in a few minutes.

Just as makeup hides our facial defects, clothing also fulfills this function and it is very important to know how to choose the right look to show off the figure we want.

This guide is perfect for you. Here we show you these clothes that will make that part of your body look smaller and more harmonious.

In this life we ​​must know that clothes have great power over our image and our body.

1- Wrap dress o Wrap dress.

This garment became a fashion milestone in the 70s, and now it is coming back as a trend with great force. It quickly became a classic. And it cannot be missing in the wardrobes of all the girls who are looking to make their waist look smaller.

This model favors curves, as it has a V-shaped neck and the belt perfectly highlights the waist. This design was inspired by coats and night gowns, which also flatter the silhouette very well. If you choose this garment, aim for a correct size and a good quality fabric, which does not reveal the fat in the waist area.

Having this dress is like having two in one; one is a dress that shapes the waist, and another is one that lengthens the torso and balances the shoulders with the hips. This dress is ideal for girls with a pear-shaped body.

2- Jeans high shot.

Those jeans your mom wore in pictures in the ’90s are back with everything, and they did it to further your purpose of simulating a wasp waist. You will not resist wearing these pants because, in addition to everything, this garment lengthens the legs, and draws a silhouette from the waist.

To emphasize your waist, forget about hip jeans, because you will only appear a deformed silhouette, so it is better to choose to buy high-waisted jeans.

The pants, jeans or jeans that start in the narrowest parts of the waist are perfect, and in turn they will make you see the long torso and the stylized waist.

3- Piped skirt or pencil.

This skirt shapes the protruding hips and makes the waist area look narrower. Preferably you should opt for smooth fabrics that fit perfectly from the waist. A tube skirt is a determining piece if you want to make your waist look slimmer.

The important thing about this garment is the height of the narrowest point of the waist. It is also very important that it is the right size and adjusted to our body, otherwise it will add a few extra pounds.

If you like pencil skirts, you can also wear them, but to make the waist stand out more, you could add a simple sash-style belt without details, placed a little above the waist to fully define the body.

If you combine this garment with a shirt with vertical stripes and put it inside the skirt, it will make you look much more stylized and will give you a longer and slimmer shape.

4- A-line skirts.

The wide skirt in the shape of “A” will flatter all the silhouettes, with the exception of the pear shape, where the hip part is wider than the rest of the curves.

These skirts are perfect for achieving the goal of slimming the waist and giving it a little volume on the hips. If you combine it with heels you can lengthen your legs and look taller.

5- blazer or jacket.

Jackets or blazers are some of the most used garments this season. If you want to wear them in a flattering way for our waist, then you should always choose those that are a little fitted and that reach the height of the hips.

The structure of this garment allows the entire body to be molded and the broader shoulders to be noticed. If you wear a medium cut jacket you will look slimmer at the waist, due to the illusion generated by the lines.

Wearing a jacket is a very good idea to hide the wide waist. Opt for this style instead of a straight jacket, because this will flatter your body.

6- Culotte or wide pants.

Like jackets, wearing flared pants or pants with wide cuffs, also straight cut, helps to balance the difference between the shoulders and hips.

The lower width of the pants balances the hips with the legs, that is, it will take away the voluptuous shape of the waist. Who said that to feel comfortable you have to sacrifice glamour? Nothing to see! The design of these pants allows them to sit at the waist and give the impression that your body simulates the shape of an hourglass.

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