Love is probably one of the most beautiful feelings we can have and above all feel, but one of the big problems we have today is the fear of saying what we feel since they can reject us and this hurts more than not daring. .

For the above in this article I will tell you about those clues that a boy can give you and thus know if a man likes you . Before starting, it is important to clarify that not all boys show their interest in girls in the same way, that is why you must be very perceptive and in case you really like to take risks.

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  • 1 The triangle look to know if a man likes you
  • 2 With the shy guys
  • 3 How to know if a man who is married likes you

The triangle look to know if a man likes you

It does not matter if it is the first date, the fourth or the fifth, there is a moment in every relationship that is extremely important and that is the first kiss. It is likely that before this event you are afraid because you do not know what to expect, but calm down and look for the following signs.

Something that many people tend to do before trying to kiss is look at the lips and then the eyes. That is why it is called a triangle gaze, in case you do not detect this particular gaze there are also other signs such as lip licking or drawing attention to them. If you see any of these signs you can proceed to give the boy a kiss.

It is clear that you should not only look for a good time and the right signs for your first kiss, but also the right space. I’m not telling you to put him in a lonely alley, but find a quiet place with some privacy.

outings with friends

Another important detail to know if a man likes you is to see him behave in his social environment. If you go out partying with him and his friends it may be a good time to look for signs.

If you notice that on several occasions he leaves others to be with you, it is a good sign, this means that he cares about you and that he wants to spend time with you in that meeting.

with the shy boys

There are some guys who have a very good sense of humor and that makes them very attractive, but one of their problems is that they tend to be shy and save funny comments for when they are confident.

If you think that the boy you are chasing has this type of behavior then you should be the one in charge of taking the initiative in many things. One of the best ways to build trust is for you to be the one to make an invitation, such as going to see a movie at the cinema. Also, so that the conversation flows, ask him about his tastes in food, movies, books, series. There are thousands of themes with which you can earn their trust.

How to know if a married man likes you

Now we enter a very dangerous and very inadvisable terrain, in case you are completely sure that this man is worth it, I do not recommend him.

Married men, if they have been with their wives for a long time, tend to get tired. This makes them look for adventures. One of the first indications that one of these men is attracted to you is that he asks you out, but only the two of you. But perhaps one of the biggest indications to know if a married man likes you is that he tells you that the relationship with his wife is bad.

It is important to emphasize that knowing if a married man likes you can help you take distance and not get involved where you have not been called. Remember that you should not do to anyone what you would not like them to do to you.

But in case you really like that man and you feel that he is also attracted to you, you have nothing to lose by launching yourself, but remember that you would be the lover and it is very likely that it will be something simply momentary. In the end you make the decision, but it is better not to mess with married men.


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I hope all these tips inspire you to get that man who makes you swoon.

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