If you think that men can only enjoy penetration and that they have no sensitivity beyond the penis, you are very wrong. There are actually many erogenous zones on the body, both male and female. They are privileged places for having a higher concentration of nerve endings and range from the shoulders to the inside of the thighs and hips.

Many men appreciate variety in sex, especially foreplay (and if he doesn’t already, you can teach him).

The map of pleasure

The erogenous zones, ideal to stimulate a man, have the peculiarity of not being able to be arranged in a “universal ranking”, since they can vary in each person, depending on many factors, including cultural, educational, psychological, etc.

These are some “magic points” that will help you to spend an unforgettable moment with your partner in your next intimate encounter.

· Pectorals: in this area you can do an infinite variety of actions, such as caressing, kissing, massaging, licking and many, many more. The ideal is to start gently and then alternate with moments of greater intensity, later going down to the abdominals, between the navel and the pelvis. This will increase blood flow to the pelvic area and increase sexual tension. Pay special attention to the nipples: if you lick them in a circular way, you will favor the possibility of an erection. · Women like to be kissed on the neck and they love it too. This area has many nerve endings and is very sensitive to stimuli, especially in the collarbone and the line where the hair begins. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on the sides; In the front part, Beneath the “Adam’s apple” is the thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck, which is linked to the sexual organs. Caress that area very slowly, without pressing, or caress it with soft kisses.

A little secret: caress her neck while you gently nibble her earlobes, the immediate effect is almost guaranteed.

· The ears are not only used to hear: men are very sensitive to caresses in this part of the body and for this reason it is important to kiss and even bite the earlobes very gently. It is something that can excite them in a great way.

Tip: whisper in his right ear everything you want to do with him next, this will lead to pleasure, since this part connects with the right side of the brain, where emotions are felt.

· When approaching the genitals, one of the most important erogenous zones is the scrotum, that kind of rough and thin “skin bag”, an extension of the ventral wall and that covers the testicles and the membranes that surround them. The secret is to stroke gently, using only the tips of your fingers. Caution: the testicles and the scrotal sac are very sensitive, do not squeeze or bite them, because it will hurt a lot. · The glans, that final part of the penis that is wider and usually shaped like a cone or arrowhead, is ideal for performing oral sex. You must stimulate this area well, since it will provide you with intense pleasure because it is the erogenous part of the man par excellence.

· The perineum is the anatomical region corresponding to the pelvic floor and made up of a set of soft parts, between the scrotum and the anal opening. Simply pressing on this area with your fingertips can induce or restore an erection.

Men get turned on by what they look at, because you should look comfortable and sure of yourself with a smile and every once in a while, a fixed look in their eyes. Your voice should be soft, calm and suggestive. As they are very visual, they are attracted to provocative and flirty outfits, so you have to play with their mind. Sensual underwear just drives them crazy. Following the line of the previous point, play with the light. He likes to see you, so you can turn on the light in the room. Of course, having sex without lights is also very attractive, so the smartest thing is to always play with both possibilities (in the variety, there is fun).

It will help you feel more confident, liberated and secure in sex to take control of the relationship. · In the scalp there is a lot of accumulated tension. A good head massage will be extremely relaxing, ideal for after a long day of work and will lead to the start of the hottest sexual games.

· The shoulders are usually forgotten, but they provide very pleasant sensations to men. Rub them during foreplay. In sex, if you are on top, let your hair brush against them. Special point if they are wet.

· You may have heard that men are turned on by having their fingers sucked. This is because of the obvious allusion to oral sex, so practice it and everything will work out great.

· The lower lip and chin are very special places for men, because that curve is full of very sensitive nerve receptors. Put the tip of your tongue between the chin and the lip and the effect will be immediate · The arms are another very important area: you just have to caress them, especially the armpits and the inside of the arm. Give him gentle caresses. Doing so also carries a very important symbolic connotation, because they are a kind of masculine “power”.

· If you want to excite him even more, do not stop gently caressing his back while you kiss him. Assured success.

· At the time of sex, if he is on top of you, try to caress his buttocks, scratch him (with caution, of course) or lightly spank him.

Although it may sound strange, the brain is a highly erogenous zone and that is why “hot” messages sent by WhatsApp, videos and suggestive photos are so successful. A simple message that says “you don’t know what a surprise I have for you tonight”, will be enough for him to start anticipating the meeting, even several hours before. At the time of sex, attend to the signs of pleasure or displeasure that he gives you, to insist on what works or change your strategy.

Men like the combination of “angelita” and “la diabla”, so don’t be afraid to play.

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