Many times it happens to us that we are afraid of changing our lives, that we feel terrified of starting new things. Sometimes we are in situations where we suffer so much that we need to cut the root situation and start from scratch. If you are going through something like this, then we recommend you continue reading this article, since later we will explain in more depth what changes like this mean and how to face them in a better way.

All throughout our lives we have been forced to make endless decisions, many of them have been with the intention of starting again, because we realize that previous situations are not serving us.

In general, we tend to close processes out of personal necessity. There are times when we realize that certain environments, people or situations are overshadowing or weakening us. It is then when we must take courage to be able to make a decision, this means cutting with certain elements that make us suffer and that we can say are currently subtracting us.

Sometimes we feel that finishing with certain elements in our life, for us means starting from scratch, starting again, which is not easy at all. That is why today, in this article, we want to give you some basic techniques to get ahead and not get trapped in these natural steps of life, which although they may seem complex at times, they will eventually bear fruit.

When starting over means leaving everything

We start from the basis that we all feel uncomfortable when we are going through some change, if it is bigger then we can feel everything with greater intensity.

When the changes are drastic, that is to say, they are from one minute to the next or if they mean leaving aside everything that defined us until now, we can see that the transformations that can happen to us implicitly carry certain dimensions that we do not know and that sometimes, we don’t understand in depth, so next we’ll start talking a little about what it means to start with something new.

– Take new paths in which we can find our happiness.

When we start over, either by choice or because we were forced to, in any case, we have to take control of our lives and realize that our choices determine our future. Everything we do today and what we stop doing has a result, for this reason, it is important that we decide consciously what we want to do.

The new paths must be lived with one foot set on the illusion of the future and one foot in the present, appreciating the “here and now”.

If you have experienced a situation where you have had to leave everything behind in order to continue, you will understand that it is a complex process that must be faced on your part. If we see the whole picture we can get overwhelmed and believe that we can’t handle it. So next we will talk about the stages.

Stage 1: The moment when we are aware of the need to “break” with something or someone

This point refers to when we realize that we can no longer and do not want to continue with the same situation, person or environment. It is a stage where we took off the veil and had the courage to initiate this change.

Stage 2: They wait for things to change.

This is a part where we realize that we have to change, but we want it to ideally be something that happens by itself. Product that sometimes we do not trust so much in our own capacities for change.

It is a stage where you feel fear, it can be failure, loneliness, among others. This may be a consequence of the fact that we feel very dependent on other people, on situations, on concepts with which we define our identity, among others.

Sometimes we have no idea what we are going to become after we can make this change, we just can’t imagine what kind of person we would be without the situation that brings us unhappiness. This is why sometimes it is difficult for us to take the next step.

Regardless of the above, we are aware that we need a change, we no longer see continuing as we are as a viable option. This is an act of freedom that we should be proud of.

If it doesn’t make us happy and it doesn’t let us grow, then what’s the point? It is an act of courage to seek one’s own path and believe that one deserves to leave the unfruitful situation aside, to make way for better opportunities.

Stage 3: Break with the past intelligently

We start from the basis that we must accept that it is not possible to break with the past without pain and anesthesia. What one can do is not enlarge the suffering that one already has.

All change is a suffering, it is a rupture of what we were before, it means ending with a dream, where we put our hopes, dreams, illusions and projects.

In order to move forward calmly towards our freedom, we must leave behind grudges and hatred, we must stop thinking over and over again about the same situations that have already happened. But even if you are no longer immersed in the same thing, maybe physically, for example, maybe you can’t see the person or talk to him directly, but if you keep mentally reliving the conversations you had or if you have imaginary conversations with the person, then it means that although you took a step towards freedom, you still need to mentally and emotionally leave everything behind.

If we fall into a spiral where we remind ourselves of what we did wrong, or if what we have to live makes us sad, then the only thing we will do is continue suffering. Instead, let us choose to let go of hate and blame. Let’s fill ourselves with positive aspects, with new projects, hopes and innovative dreams.

Stage 4: Project our future with new illusions

We have to accept that changes are inevitable and that we are always in constant change. It is possible to start little by little, first make new friends, look for another job, include new foods in the diet, among others.

Sometimes the changes will be more intense and will require cutting certain root situations, which will require us to start over. Some examples are: changing relationships, going to live in another city, changing jobs, etc.

You won’t be the first person to go through it, nor will you be the last.

It is ideal that you start this new cycle with all the above closed. That you can leave behind everything that has happened, it is not about fleeing or escaping, but it is necessary to make the decision not to continue reopening a cycle from which we can no longer take more advantage. Sometimes it helps us to communicate this and the reasons why we are going to do it. This allows us to let off steam and gain confidence that the right thing to do is to close the cycle.

Don’t be afraid of other people’s reactions.

If you think that there are going to be people who will not agree, then take some time to prepare your speech and be clear about your answers.

If you are sure of your decisions, then there is nothing that others can do. You’re going to start over yes or yes.

In conclusion, we must remember that we are a constantly changing line, we have to change to find our happiness, to be able to grow and have new experiences. Most of the time we do not choose how we are going to change, but we can know that the best decisions are the ones we make with self-love, determination and illusions.

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