Although, when reading the title sentence, we can immediately feel a little identified. Also perhaps we can think that this seems more a demonstration of masochism, than bravery. Although if we try, it means that somewhere in our being, we were able to find that feeling that motivates us to do things, that makes us feel that even though we know that the consequences can make us suffer, anyway we want to try. The above, although it is not bravery in itself, can it count as a type of bravery?

On some occasions, we can see that certain situations or people have clear indications that there is probably a high possibility that we can get out of the situation in an accident. However, when we feel within ourselves that we should take the risk anyway, that we could take the risk, we can call this feeling “hope”. We all have different ways of facing risks, some face them with a feeling of optimism, thinking that everything will turn out well for them and others tend to have a feeling of pessimism, through which they think that things will not turn out good.

In this regard, regardless of whether we are more optimistic or pessimistic, in the same way, both made the decision to go ahead with the plans, despite the fact that one observes that it is most likely to get hurt and that the other believes that the most likely is that everything goes very well. Why is this happening? In general, it can be explained by the power it has in the brain, the image of a positive future, which can be imagined in terms of the final consequence of the decision, which generates in us a state of hope.

Hope can be linked to the ability we have to add value to the subjective, with respect to what we are seeing, which is concrete and tangible.

In this regard, it can be concluded that on certain occasions it does not matter how many indicators we can perceive that confirm and re-confirm that the results will not be favorable to us. If we feel in our guts the need to bet, even knowing how likely it is that we will lose, then we will probably give in to the game.

Now we want to talk about how what we can feel or think influences, in terms of the results we can obtain. Has it happened to you that you expect to obtain a specific result? But nevertheless, inside you think that the opposite is most likely to happen. That is, you want something to happen, but you are infinitely convinced that the opposite will happen.

In general, the thoughts we have about fear are very intense and can easily invade us. So these at an unconscious level can influence our decisions and our actions. And even, it may be that in some cases, we do not realize how we influence situations and inadvertently make happen what we most did not want to happen. Faced with which, it is possible that we end up concluding that we should have listened to reason.

Looking at it from another point of view, staying with the question of what would have happened if…? It’s not better either. It can also be considered as a type of regret or pain.

In contrast, to the above, for those who did try, they have the consolation that they were probably happy at some point, so therefore, they can feel that it was worth it.

Within our emotional part, there is a part of us that wants to follow our instincts, wants to go after our wildest dreams, wants us not to think about the consequences, to ignore that we can end up suffering.

As for our rational part, it supports us with arguments such as that we must always keep in mind that everything we live is going to serve as an experience and that probably the next time we try it, we can protect ourselves and come out unscathed.

All of the above has to do with how we want to live our lives. If we think that life is to end up saying: Ufff it was a TREMENDOUS experience, I was able to experience everything to the fullest, I did, I undid, I ran, I fell, I stood up again, I crashed, I stood up again, I had fun, I was with my family, with my friends, I was able to work, I was able to know what poverty is, wealth, I was able to know what loss is, I was able to verify how strong I was despite how hard the circumstances were, I was able to fall in love, I suffered for love etc Now I have the feeling that I didn’t leave anything out, I was able to do everything that life gave me the opportunity to do.

Life can be seen as being in an ice cream parlor, where there are different types of ice cream. There are people who try a different ice cream every time they go, and there are other people who do not get bored of always eating the same ice cream and can enjoy it as if it were the first time. The latter have the ability to completely ignore all the other options that exist within the range. On the other hand, the first ones have the ability to have chosen them all and after that, they are clear about which ones they would eat forever, which ones they liked, which ones they did not like, which ones seemed bland, etc.

Well, however you decide to live your life, you can always change your mind and you can try the style that suits you best.

Part of the risk is the fact that you can accelerate and crash, that you can try something and be wrong, but think that at least you have all the certainty that you were wrong and that you were not left with the doubt about what could have happened.

Due to all the previous argument, it is important that you encourage yourself to try different experiences and make your own decisions, because if you do not try, you have no way of knowing what the outcome is and it may be a very good one, that neither you can’t even imagine.

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