Here we will briefly explain what happens in his head when he does this.

In general, we believe that our partner or the person who drives us crazy should only spank us in private without anyone noticing, perhaps because of a little fear of what they will say, however, all these things are in the past. since by the end of 2018 things are loosening up a bit and it is very common to see that many couples spank each other all day every hour, if this happens with your partner it means that they want you all day, that they he loves touching you and even more so spanking you, he loves it, he adores it, it drives him crazy to do it and that’s why he doesn’t stop doing it and even more so if you don’t have any problem with that, that is, if you’re not one of those shy “prudish” people even better .

Your partner will live showing you at every moment how much he wants you and maybe he will even do it to mark his territory. Just as you read it, of course we also love to spank and more if our man has fabulous buttocks that he causes to hug them all day, but there is also a reason that men do it more frequently and especially in public because for them this liberates their masculine side more, they feel more like men, their intent to ‘hunter’ is awakened and even more so if you feel that their partner is being seen by other eyes. This makes other eyes understand that you are no longer available.

In a few words we can say that spanking is a defense mechanism to make clear his power and virility. In addition to this, it is also very pleasant to touch those buttocks whether you have many or not, that does not matter, because the one who loves you does it as you come from birth, it is pleasant for him to feel and desire you in this way, you also enjoy it because It is something gratifying for both, as long as it is like that, there will be no problem.

In intimacy, of course, this spanking should not be missing because it makes the entire sexual act more wonderful. Maybe it doesn’t all have to be spanking but just keep his hand steadily on your rear, lower back, or directly on your butt. You have to keep in mind that these spankings must be with love, with desire, with a lot of tenderness, nothing to go over the line, that they leave the mark of the hand embodied in a buttock, we do not want that, apart from the fact that it is very painful not as good as they make it seem. So zero violence, when doing this that can be very rich, you have to be careful with that, from then on it is no longer made with love. Quite the contrary, because everything that seeks to hurt is not accepted at all.

In bed, in privacy, in the four walls they need to demonstrate their virility that drives them crazy to feel like a hunter and you being their prey will let you touch your buttocks in a pleasant and exciting way, this is one of the many ways to increase the passion in bed and fall into the arms of pleasure. If your partner is not one of those who spank or touch your buttocks with unbridled passion, tell him to do it, offer him these new options that can strengthen your relationship and you can do it to him too, just as a saying goes: “what is good for the turkey also for the turkeyā€¯ so do not doubt doing this when it comes to being together in the intimacy that makes the whole thing more bearable.

There are studies that show that a large part of the men who show their love with the occasional spanking towards their partner, do so instinctively but more than anything because they both enjoy it, she can enjoy it as much or much more than him, both receiving how to do it In exchange for couples spanking each other in privacy, a kind of dominance or control of the situation is created, and the feeling of wanting to have power is inevitable. So try everything in private, do not stay with the desire for anything, put passion into everything you do. If you are curious to feel a spanking tell your partner, tell him to do it to you that you need to feel new emotions.

This is the reason why your partner is always spanking you and also because you enjoy it so much, it is pleasant and relaxing, let yourself go because this is one of the many wonders of life as a couple that should be fully enjoyed.

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