Start using sex toys as a couple: How are they used? Which ones are the best?

Everything related to sex and pleasure tends to become a taboo subject. Sex toys have not been an exception.   Over the years, its use has begun to be normalized, especially related to female masturbation. However, when it comes to using them as a couple, sex toys continue to arouse some reluctance. It’s time to put an end to prejudice, find out which are the most used sex toys as a couple and how they are used .

Once you know all this information and discover all the advantages they offer, you will forget your misgivings and you will end up wondering why you have not tried them before.

In any case, there is no rush, each couple has their times and their limits. But do not miss the opportunity to find out about sex toys, you may discover new ways to enjoy your sexual relations to the fullest.

 Sex toys: how do I start?

If you are one of those who feel ashamed, online stores are the best option to buy your first sex toy. Upon entering you will be able to verify that there is a very wide catalog of sex toys on the market and perhaps that will make it difficult for you to choose. For this, it is best to start with the classics.

Which is the simplest? The vibrating ring, because it is already designed to be used as a couple. In addition, there is the possibility of using it with a remote control, which can make it even more interesting.

Other favorite options for today’s toy users are vibrators in their different guises: vibrating eggs, dildos, bullets or even the clitoris sucker.

It is important to know that toys come in many sizes, materials, and textures. The fundamental thing is to be clear about what type of stimulation is the one that gives you the most pleasure when choosing the model . Regarding the size, to start it is better to opt for something small.   And in relation to the material, make sure you are not allergic, because today there are many different options.

The most used sex toys as a couple and how they are used

Surely if we talk about sex toys, the first ones that come to mind are dildos, vibrators and Chinese balls. These are the best known but they do not have to be the most suitable for you and your partner.

erotic cosmetics

Erotic cosmetics is one of the great unknowns in the world of sexual relations, while it is one of the greatest sources of pleasure.   When we talk about erotic cosmetics we refer to oils , lubricants, perfumes, edible paints, candles, essences…

They are products that activate the five senses, increase sensations, delay orgasm, give more play to the relationship and allow you to enjoy the pleasure that the whole body provides, discovering each one of your erogenous parts.

For a perfect massage: gels and lubricants

Gels and lubricants tend to be used only when a woman is thought to have lubrication problems. This is a mistake. These types of products enrich sexual practice in general.

There are different types of lubricants and you have to be very clear about when each one can be used, as some can alter the pH of the vaginal mucosa or affect the latex of the condom. It is essential to read the instructions before using them.

BDSM Accessories

BSDM consists of the immobilization of a person’s body through sexual practice. For this, various elements can be used such as ropes, tapes or chains that immobilize the body partially or in its entirety.

In these cases it is advisable to use those elements that are specially designed to carry out this type of practice.   They will prevent the person whose movement is limited from being uncomfortable and not become a bad experience.

Those that never fail: vibrators

As we mentioned before, vibrators are the classics that never fail. When talking about vibrators, we tend to think that they are only intended for a female audience, but this is not the case.

There are also sex toys for men, such as prostate massagers or some vibrators that really have unisex functionality, as is the case with vibrating eggs. The latest are the we vibe vibrators , some of them designed especially for couples and with remote control.

They are easy-to-use toys that allow you to explore your sexuality and that of your partner regardless of their gender. They are the most suitable to help you stimulate your pleasure points.

From distance? with remote control

Distance has long ceased to be an excuse to have sex with your partner. The new remote control toys allow you to be in control of your partner’s sex toy even when the distance is very long.   Through an application installed on your mobile you can decide the intensity, speed and frequency of operation of the toy.

After using sex toys: what you should do

Taking care of our toys is essential if we want to be able to continue enjoying them for a long time, therefore, after each use you must take into account a series of processes.

 How to clean the toys?

It is necessary to read the instructions of each toy to know what material it is made of and how it should be cleaned . In general, they can be washed with water and neutral soap. However, there are specific cleaners for this type of toys that are always recommended to use.

Lubricant yes or no?

Lubricants are fully compatible with sex toys, in fact, their use is more than recommended. There are different types (water-based, vegan, oily…). Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using them to make sure the material of your toy is compatible with their material. Normally, the most used are the water-based ones, since they respect the pH and are compatible with almost all materials.

Do not forget that the fundamental thing is to know what you and your partner want, inform each other, and try to find what most agrees with you. Perhaps the simplest element is the missing puzzle piece to take your relationships a step further. Don’t know where to look? In Enjoy my toy you will find the sex toys of the best brands.

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