In life and in your day to day, there are certain factors that rob you of energy. Sometimes you can feel that some people take your energy away; these are called “energy thieves” by the Dalai Lama. And specifically, they take away the energy you need to be well and develop properly. We believe that it is important to know them in order to identify them and remove them from our lives. Well, they can directly influence our lives, preventing us from achieving the professional and personal success that we all seek.

How to prevent energy from escaping?

Stay away from toxic people.

In life there are people who only live complaining about what happens to them, who share only problems and bad emotions. We recommend you try to get away from these people, because you can get infected and start complaining too and see life a little grayer.

It is important that you try to surround yourself with people with a positive attitude, who have a desire to succeed in life, who have purposes and who do not spend all day saying all the bad things they see around them. Try to be with those people who bring you good things, who motivate you to be better and push you to achieve your dreams.

pay your debts

Something that gives peace of mind to your life and your spirit is knowing that you don’t owe anything to anyone. In this section, we refer to having healthy finances. We recommend that you always pay on time and that you do not allow interest to become a monster that persecutes you. Also, do not let your debts begin to affect other areas of your life, such as the social, family, work area, etc. Keep in mind that finances are a pillar that can collapse in practically any area of ​​your life. In addition, having this under control will contribute to having more peace in your life, and to having a more stable life economically.

deliver what you promise

If you are an entrepreneur, leader, or simply as an honest human being, you must always fulfill what you promise. It is important that you always remember what you promise and never commit to something that you know you cannot deliver.

You must remain aware of your possibilities and limitations, because if you don’t, your word will be that of a liar and the anguish of not keeping your word will suck your energy, believe it or not.

Delegate responsibilities

Filling yourself with tasks will make you not be able to do them all well, and also, you will feel stressed or overwhelmed by all the tasks that you promised to do. It is important to recognize which tasks you are good at and which ones are better for someone else to do. So you can better manage your time and you can balance your work life with your personal life. Therefore, learning to delegate is one of the biggest keys to success. Remember that it is also essential to remain available so that you can solve some unforeseen events without compromising quality or work times.


The occupations never end, that’s why it’s important to take time out, and take a break. This will help you recover energy and be able to renew yourself to continue with your projects.

It can also benefit you in doing your activities much better. It will keep you in a state of greater alertness and will make your brain, being rested, have more energy to be able to solve certain circumstances more effectively.


According to the Dalai Lama, there is nothing that absorbs more energy than being in a messy place with things you don’t need.

It is important to have everything in its place so that the energies flow and you can have the peace of mind of working and living in harmony. In addition, this way you will save time and stress, in searching for documents or elements that you need on a day-to-day basis.

Watch your health

The body is your machine to live and work, if it is not in good condition, it will not perform the same. Remember that there is nothing more valuable than health, so it is important that you take care of yourself, exercise, eat and sleep well. In addition, when you have any health difficulty, other areas of your life can be affected, such as: taking time to go to a doctor, paying for a doctor, having to ask for permission or not being able to go to work, etc.

face the hard things

There are always situations that we do not want to face, but the more you prolong them, the longer you will live anguished by the uncertainty of what will happen.

For this, face that problem you have, say what is intoxicating you and you will see that when you do, you will feel calmer. Already taking the first step, the others follow accordingly. Therefore, the first is the most difficult and the most important.

To accept

It is not resigning yourself, but there are things that cannot be changed, so they must be accepted and faced. Work on what you can change, and accept what you cannot change. Correctly discerning between both options is key so that you only accept what has no solution. For this, you must have done a little research on the subject and be sure that you tried everything. If you have something left to do, maybe you always ask yourself, what would have happened if I had…?


If you apply this you will see how your life changes, eliminate that feeling that causes you pain and that does not allow you to live well. Start by erasing the past that hurts you, you will feel how your present changes and you will have a better future.

Forgiveness is an act of liberation from oneself, where one consciously accepts what caused him pain in a moment, to later learn from it and understand that continuing to suffer for it is not worth it.

We always have these energy thieves present, they can be within our work, within our circle of friends, even within our own family, etc.

Therefore, the important thing is not to let them invade our lives. It is never too late to change and do things differently. Every day the world is more full of violence and injustice, that is why we propose that we start by changing ourselves and work to change the small world that surrounds us. Remember that with will everything can be achieved.

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