Stimulate your G-spot, do you know how to find it?

The existence or not of the popular G-spot has been a controversial issue since the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg discovered it in the 1950s. Countless studies have been carried out over the years around the G-spot. Grafenberg -or G-spot-.

However, the conclusions are increasingly disparate. Such is the debate that no study has been able to establish exactly where it is located in the sexual anatomy of women and has even come to question whether this famous area of ​​greatest sexual stimulation really exists.

A recent study carried out by Yale University in the United States affirms that, after its investigations, it has not been possible to find irrefutable evidence that demonstrates the existence of this area.

G-spot, what is it?

T he G-spot or Grafenberg spot was discovered by Dr. Beverly Whipple when she realized that performing the “come here” movement during fingering produced a physical response in women, thus establishing that there must be a key area for women will achieve orgasm during intercourse.

Many studies have tried to locate the G-spot as an isolated area, however, it should be known that the G-spot is a part of the clitoral area that is located in the upper part of the vagina, between 6 and 12 centimeters below the urethra. . 

When we say that the Grafenberg point is a part of the clitoral area, it means that when you stimulate the area called the G-spot, what you are actually stimulating is the clitoris. Hence its importance when it comes to achieving vaginal orgasm.

Find your G-spot

The G-spot varies depending on each woman , this is one of the reasons why it can be difficult to find it. In any case, although many people look for the G-spot as a couple, the best way to locate it is by self-examination.

When it comes to locating your G-spot, the most essential thing is to relax and listen to your body, massaging your vagina. Once you have started the self-examination, either with a sex toy or with your fingers, it is time to make the “come here” movement, feeling the area that generates the greatest sensations and focusing on it.

Postures and G-spot, which one is better?

When it comes to having sex, there are certain positions that work best to stimulate the female G-spot. Although there are many sexual positions and each one can be more pleasant or comfortable for each person, there are some that can help you to a greater extent to achieve orgasm by stimulating the G-spot.

These postures that can help you are:

1.     G-spot and the Cowgirl posture

Why is this position so good for the G-spot? The cowgirl position allows you to control the rhythm and depth of penetration, so that you only worry about stimulating your G-spot.

In fact, a good technique when performing this posture is to make movements back and forth instead of up and down, since in this way the area where the G-spot is located inside the thigh is better stimulated. your vagina

In any case, each body is different, so don’t be ashamed to try different speeds and intensities and let yourself go.

2.     Doggy style

Doggystyle is another way to achieve deep penetration, plus it allows you to easily vary the angle so you can find your G-spot. Start by supporting your body on your knees and arms, with your partner positioned just behind you.

It’s about finding the position that works best for each one, so that during penetration you can change your position, adjusting your arm position or pushing your hips back to achieve a more pleasant perspective. You can also change the rhythms and intensity, depending on the sensations you are experiencing.

3.     Closed missionary position

This position will allow you, unlike the previous two, greater stimulation without resorting to greater depth in penetration . To start, you will be on your back in the missionary position and then you will bring your legs together, so that your partner’s are on top of yours, which will add more pressure.

This position, although the penetration is superficial, creates a strong sensation of friction against the female G-spot, which can be the perfect way to reach orgasm.

On many occasions, achieving female satisfaction can be a somewhat complex task that requires a combination of sexual strategies. Some women feel embarrassed or insecure when they have sex, which can also make it more difficult for them to climax.

Apart from these complications, not all people are able to locate and exploit the pleasure that is unleashed with the female G-spot, hence the importance of self-examination and knowing your body well . There is no perfect rule to achieve orgasm or a map to locate the G-spot, everything is based on trying and experimenting, either alone or as a couple.

In any case, the satisfaction goes beyond the G-spot, so it is important not to become obsessed with finding it, since this can make you block and not enjoy the process. The important thing is to adapt to what everyone likes and have a safe and pleasant sex life.

If you liked knowing everything about the G-Spot, you cannot miss these tips on the difficulty of reaching orgasm . From Enjoy my toy we want learning about sexuality to be very simple and that way,   you can explore this very pleasant world.

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