We live in a world of constant changes, evolution, new things, and a lot of consumerism, this leads our young people to opt for models or prototypes that play with their self-esteem and make them want different things, fight to get what they want. no matter what they might suffer in the attempt to get it. So mostly adolescents and young people get into a race to modify their body, show off a slender body, because they do not accept themselves as they are, the models that advertising sells saturate them to the point of suggesting change in them.

Little girls are never in fashion

That is the mistake of many young people, but everything happens because of the little value they have, because of the low self-esteem they have and because of how impressionable they are, they let themselves be consumed by the environment and by what they see. So we have unfocused young people even to create their personality. Girls or boys of short stature are somehow the most vulnerable in such a situation, it is that they see such thin, slender, very tall figures in the models and that leads them to get frustrated to the point of thinking that their figure does not fit in the current Serious mistake, we all fit in some way in some mold, but that depends a lot on your attitude and the wise and intelligent way you see things.

How do I deal with current fashion?

Considering that the body image is what each one of us represents in our mind, we can say that the acceptance of it lies in the same place, it is in my mind where I must begin to accept myself as I am, not everything What the mirror represents is what I really am, behind that image projected by the mirror there is something else, there is something more than a few curves, or a few kilos, or a short or average height, behind that image projected by the mirror there is a human being, a person, who must learn to know, accept and love himself. The secret is to start by accepting yourself and understanding the value you have as a person.

When you learn to accept that you are a perfect design of creation, you will understand that there is no need to face a fashion, because fashion is temporary and what you are will remain through time. The way you perceive or imagine your body is how you must accept it, you must learn to create your own models within yourself, without imitating, without pretending to be a copy of something momentary, you must learn to be yourself in a unique and original way.

Negative thoughts influence

The way you see yourself influences, if you have a negative body image of yourself, you must understand that this vision is what will lead you to dissatisfaction with your body, because when you look at yourself and see yourself unattractive, you will feel the same way and this could provoke in you an extreme obsession to change your image, then you will start the battle with your weight, or perhaps against what you do not accept about yourself, because body dissatisfaction is more than anything the result of what you reject from your self, of what you perceive and what you really want to be. Accepting what is attractive to the eyes is universal, we always let ourselves be carried away by what attracts us, be it an object or a person, and we look for a way to get it, to have it, and in the same way it happens in our mind when we see something in our body with which we are not satisfied, accepting it depends on a lot of mental and emotional maturity. The non-acceptance of one or the dissatisfaction of body image can have very harmful counterproductive effects for health, not only physical, but also mental and emotional, this is seen in eating disorders, obsession with the physical, variability in moods, falling into depression or constant anxiety.

How do we fall into obsession?

It is important to consider that the media through advertising strongly influences everything we want, be it clothes, cosmetics, food, ideal or perfect figure, everything that enters us through the senses and saturates us, we see it in fashion magazines, ads, advertisements, movies, we consume all of this practically 24 hours a day, it is a constant bombardment of highly idealized images, of what you are not, but what you could become, ideal and perfect bodies, thin and toned , is a total cult of self-centeredness and the unreal, before this reality the figure and weight, become fundamental for the valuation of women, although today men are also prey to this trend. The family environment can influence one hundred percent,

But there is the other side of the coin, when it is the children who require the parents to take care of themselves, it is the children who subject the parents to new eating habits and exercise routines and often get frustrated in the attempt. We also find the negative side, and this is when young people are not happy with their bodies, they don’t like what they see, but they don’t do anything about it and that’s where low self-esteem or the total loss of self-esteem comes in. For these young people, propaganda or publicity is even more harmful because by not being able to follow the ideal model that they present, they immerse themselves in it. I will not achieve it, I will never be like them, I am happy like that, and most of them become obese people. , careless, young people who lose sight of their personal appearance denigrating their personality.

In all senses, the media influence the environment in a very strong way and mainly in young people through advertising, they sell images that are often unattainable for many, frustrating for others. Emotional maturity and good mental health are very important to be able to accept ourselves as we are, in fact it never hurts to take care of our personal appearance, but taking it to the extreme is very dangerous.

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