When we fall in love, we do not pay attention to some details of the other person, because we are completely convinced that they are perfect and sometimes it is difficult to be able to identify certain signs that could indicate that this relationship is going to hurt us or that, definitely, it has no harm. future.

This occurs in both sexes, but it is more frequent in women, because we are educated to believe in the goodness of all others and we learn to justify inappropriate behavior, that is why there are countless women who are attracted to men who do not like them. agree.

We cannot generalize and say that all women fall in love with the wrong person, but it is true that it happens to many of them and this occurs subconsciously, for which we can have an explanation for the following question: ‘ Why do we fall in love with that person and not another?’

The answer is simple, this behavior is closely related to the functioning of your head. When you are single, your mind is activated to look for your ideal partner, even if at this moment you do not look for it or give importance to finding it, if someone appears along your path that meets your requirements, you will fall in love.

Unconsciously, each of us has a list of requirements stored in our mind, which includes some characteristics that your ideal partner must have for you to fall in love with her. If you meet someone and they don’t meet any of these criteria, you will immediately disqualify them and only see them as a friend. You create this list based on your past experiences, values, likes, backgrounds, beliefs, and learning styles. These patterns are subconscious, so you don’t know them.

Perhaps, at some point in your life, you have been in this situation, where, now that you have ended the relationship, you have realized that you made a mistake and that the only thing you can do is cry and grieve to eliminate this toxic love from you. your life and be able to get up again. It is normal for you to think that everything that happened was just a lie and that all the time he was cheating on you and that, if it was a love story, it is most likely a wrong love story. When you first dated this man, you found him to be interesting, sexy, fun and open, trustworthy and respectful. The safest thing is that you fell in love with him without thinking that perhaps you were completely blinded by infatuation and that blind love was only going to turn your life upside down, break your schemes and make you completely happy.

The reality is that that love lasted a short time and after a few months, the blindfold fell off your eyes, but you insisted on putting it back on; until you realized that the promises of the first days were not fulfilled, that when there were misunderstandings, he ran away from problems and did not like to talk or communicate assertively, contrary to what he had always led you to believe and that On the contrary, he practiced the habit of contempt and reproach.

Then you realized that he lied to you for the first time, but you decided to forget about it and think that it would never happen again, but more and more lies came. At this point you were beginning to suspect that the blindfold could no longer cover your eyes and you had to face reality, although it would cost you a lot of work to realize that the man you fell in love with was selfish, self-centered and manipulative who did not take into account Count nobody’s feelings.

And you knew it was your mistake, because you decided to accept a relationship with him and fell into his arms thanks to the fact that he was an expert in making up his true essence. The most difficult thing was to recognize that mistake, because your environment did not help. Your friends said that he had a charming boyfriend; Your family believed that, at last, you had found a good and stable partner, one of those who are for life.

But when you thought about spending the rest of your life with him, you didn’t feel happy, you felt trapped, out of place and you thought that you had failed once again in not being able to intuit the kind of man you had let into your life. And yet, you continued with him, as if you did not have enough strength to take your things and walk away from that relationship.

In the end it had to be him, overcome by the insatiable need to find new victims. He had got you and you were no longer a challenge, so he began to lose interest and let go of the rope that linked them, hoping that you would take the hint and leave discreetly. But he didn’t know that you are persistent in my mistakes. So we continued for a while living a love of lies, indifference and rejection, until he ran out.

It was him and not you who said goodbye and you were left wanting to slam the door, but you didn’t have the courage or the strength to do it. Maybe it still hurts you, because you’re tired of always falling in love with the wrong man.

You must know that it is never too late to change the way you think about love and relationships and stop believing that there is only one person in the world who will meet your requirements and that, if that person leaves, you will never find someone. nobody else. Do not look for a partner for fear of being alone, look for her when you have learned from past mistakes and are willing to receive the best of your loves.

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