Luis Miguel is a living legend of music and his fame was fueled by the Netflix series.

This is how curious anecdotes of the great singer are dusted off. At the time, perhaps they did not attract as much attention as they do now, more than twenty years later, because of who their protagonists were.

Anecdotes that show the seductive and famous side of the great artist, but also the dark side of his deep personal dramas.

In the Rio de la Plata

Buenos Aires, 1992. The young, ardent and brimming with sex appeal singer invades the Argentine capital.

Few girls resist his charm, but Luismi faces a difficult life situation at that moment: an exploitative father and a missing mother, situations described without extenuating circumstances in the series.

Mounted on his fame, the singer must show the face of success, hiding from the general public the truth of his painful condition.

Perhaps for this reason he gave in to the charms of alcohol, which disinhibits and makes one forget sorrows.

And in Buenos Aires, in that year, a curious episode occurred, involving a beautiful young woman, a flirtation on camera, innuendos, a kiss and, it is said, a fleeting romance.

On the screen

The “Sun King” appeared on the extremely popular program Rhythm of the Night and Video Match, which broke audience peaks day after day.

Its driver was Marcelo Tinelli, who had burst in with a casual and daring driving style, breaking old formats of television communication.

The setting was ideal for the Mexican star to shine, who was interviewed by Marina Vollman, a well-known model and a member of the “Tinelli Girls.”

When the sun heats…

The video shows the “crush” of the young woman for “Micky” and her gallant and picaresque response, at first. “Micky, I can’t believe having you by my side,” she says, suggestively, Marina.

The singer stares at her and rolls his eyes. “Queen, I’m going to tell you something,” she jokes, with signs of being under the influence of alcohol.

The model leaves no room for doubt and speaks very directly: “Can I support myself like this?” She asks and he quickly replies: “You can support yourself as you see fit.”

“I don’t know about you”

The flirtation rose in tone, while being closely followed by the cameras and of course, millions of viewers.

Vollman counterattacks: “It’s just that I went crazy, I ended up falling in love with you. I saw you here on stage… I died of love when you sang I don’t know about you”, he shamelessly shoots.

“There were sound problems,” he clarifies, looking at her seductively.

“Don’t look at me like that”, says Marina and he replies: “I can look at you as I see fit”, half jokingly, half seriously and adds: “Having the opportunity to see you is a pleasure for any man”

Marina decides to be even clearer: “Don’t face me like that because I’m going to kiss you on the mouth,” she says boldly.

And the star replies without hesitation: “Queen, if you want to kiss me on the mouth, it’s a matter of you telling me.”

After the kiss, she attacks again: “What if I want another one?” He simply says, “Turn off the camera.”

Lights and shadows

However, after this, Luismi speaks in a more intimate tone and reveals his personal situation. “I appreciate the support they have given me, I am going through some not so pleasant moments in my life and they have helped me a lot,” he says.

And in fact, its existence has been much more difficult than we might think, seeing it so successful. He went through a tough childhood, in the midst of a broken family that introduced him to the world of drugs.

As a child he began acting on television, becoming successful and going to parties from a very young age. There he would have known drugs and alcohol, with the knowledge of his father, who was also a singer and who even gave him cocaine, also being his representative.

The relationship between the two was very aggressive: no blows, but yelling. In fact, the work of his father as his representative ceased after a very strong discussion between the two.

Another great drama in the life of Luis Miguel was the disappearance of his beloved mother, in 1985. A great mystery surrounds the fact and there are several hypotheses: it is said that he died, while others maintain that he would have lost his mind, being confined in a hospital, ignoring his identity. It is also speculated that she would be a homeless person with mental problems on the streets of Buenos Aires.

Specifically, nothing is known about her and she is a source of anguish for the artist.


A lot of water has flowed for the protagonists of this video.

Marina Vollman, after monopolizing the catwalks and participating as an actress in several productions, retired from the medium. She has two children with dyslexia and she is currently an ambassador for the Dyslexia and Family Association (DisFam) in Argentina, an association dedicated to advising other families who are going through the same thing.

Luismi’s story is better known: he developed a successful career, full of successes, but also of excesses, scandals and financial problems.

The Netflix series has brought attention back to this true artistic and communicational phenomenon that is the Sun King, who has managed to impact several generations and remain in the preference of his fans.

So much is the impact of the series, that there is already talk of a second part.

Material is not lacking and apparently, there is Luis Miguel for a while.

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