Pretty Woman (Pretty Woman) is an American film, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, had a huge box office success. 28 years have passed since the premiere of one of the best romantic comedies that American cinema has given us. This movie that was responsible for launching Julia Roberts to stardom.

We have selected 28 curiosities about the movie. Ranging from costumes, stages to rejected roles.

1.- Red Jacket

Julia Roberts bought a red jacket minutes before the movie started. She cost him 30 dollars, plus she bought it from a movie usher.

2- The Hotel

The famous hotel in the film is the Regent Beverly Wilshire. The suite used for filming had a total of 372 square meters, it is not known how much the suite costs, it is only known that the lowest category is around 1,640 euros per night.

3- The legs

The legs that appear in the ad for the movie are not Julia Roberts’s. They belong to actress and model Shelley Michelle.


In the part where actor Richard Gere discovers Julia Roberts’s fingers with the necklace box, everything was completely improvised. As everything was very natural, they decided to leave that scene for the final montage.

5- The Necklace.

Julia wore a necklace that cost a quarter of a million dollars. Reason why there was always a bodyguard protecting it while the scenes in which the actress used it were performed.

6- Shakespeare

There is a scene where Edward reads Vivian a passage from a book. This passage corresponds to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29.

7- Molly Ringwald turned down the lead role

Today this actress acknowledges being sorry for having rejected that role.

8- She was not the only one who rejected him

Winona Ryder, Meg Ryan, Karen Allen, Jennifer Connelly and Michelle Pfeiffer were among the actresses who turned it down before it was eventually given to unknown Julia Roberts.

9- Richard Gere almost turned down the role

The actor was not convinced about accepting the role, it was Julia Roberts who convinced him when she wrote him a note in which he simply said ‘please say yes’.

10- Richard Gere was not the first choice

Other actors such as Christopher Reeve, Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, and Al Pacino were considered for the role before him.

11- Richard Gere composed a song for the movie

The actor who is playing the piano besides that the play he plays was written by him.

12- The movie was going to be called ‘3000’.

Let’s remember that it is the figure that Vivian would earn for spending all those days with Edward in Los Angeles. The title of the film was changed after adding the song ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’ as its soundtrack.

13- Real tickles

For this scene, the film’s director, Garry Marshall, had to tickle Julia Roberts’s feet out of shot so that the laugh would be natural and the scene would work.

14- On the movie poster Richard Gere’s hair is brown

While in the movie he has his characteristic gray hair.

15- Demi Moore rejected the role of Kit

16- Ferrari and Porsche refused to participate in the movie

They didn’t want their brand to be associated with ‘prostitutes’, so the car Edward drives is a 1989 Lotus Espirit SE.

17- The opera seen in the movie is La Traviata

This opera tells the story of a prostitute who falls in love with a rich man.

18- Julia Roberts’ aparthotel is Las Palmas Hotel

It is located on Las Palmas Avenue in Hollywood and spending a night there will only cost you about 40 dollars.

19- There were six scripts before the final one

In the original script the two protagonists kissed on the mouth from the beginning and she was addicted to drugs, but this idea was discarded.

20- In the original script the two did not end up together

Edward was going back to New York with his girlfriend and leaving Vivian in Los Angeles.

21- Julia Roberts Delgada.

For the intimate scenes, a double had to be used because Julia was very thin.

22- The director of the movie makes a cameo

He is the homeless man who tells Richard Gere that his house is Stallone’s.

23- Vivian’s famous boots are from a Chelsea store

Specifically from a call NaNa in England.

24- Richard Gere and Julia Roberts starred in other movies together

Seven years after the premiere of Petty Woman they starred in: ‘Runaway Bride’.

25- Julia Roberts is wrong to sing in the bathtub

Repeat twice the same phrase from the song ‘Kiss’ by Prince.

26- Years later Richard Gere did not speak very well of the movie

I claim that Pretty Woman “was a stupid romantic comedy.”

27- Julia Robert does not think very well of her either

The actress declared that the film was “a terrible story about two horrible people, a creepy and ugly story”.

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28- The Legacy

In 2012, Emma Roberts, the niece of Julia Roberts, dressed up as her aunt in this movie.

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