There is much written in relation to sex, but it will never be possible to cover everything, because each couple is a world and each person, a sum of their past experiences and the education received, which predisposes them in a certain way for their experiences.

Between the four walls of a room, desire and fantasies are lit and to reach maximum pleasure there are various paths, although many think that it is only achieved with penetration.

Among these ways, which can anticipate penetration or be carried out independently, are caresses, a form of contact that assumes multiple forms, and can reach high levels of eroticism.


When a couple is alone, they must give free rein to their imagination, let go of pleasure and find a way for both lovers to reach orgasm.

Caresses are a resource that, well used, can make both lovers spend an unforgettable moment. The secret is to use your imagination, since there are many erogenous zones in the body, which must be sought out and exploited to the maximum.

Caresses are a privileged way to reach an orgasm. They have a great advantage: they are basically available to everyone and do not require complex positions, only dedication to find the most suitable points for each person.

Also use your creativity to caress: you will, of course, do it with your hands and fingers, but you can also use your hair (dry or wet), your breasts, a piece of cloth, a feather, an ice cube… so you will generate different sensations , so you must be attentive to the results you are getting to insist or change.

Although the erogenous areas vary for each person, there are areas that, due to their high number of nerve endings or because they are related to pleasure, cause great excitement.

Here are some tips for you to raise the temperature.

– The scalp is a privileged place to reach pleasure. A nice massage to your partner at this point, playing with the hair and massaging the head, helps him relax and release tension, especially at the beginning of the meeting. After achieving relaxation, a good body tension is obtained, so that the sexual response works properly.

– Ask him to close his eyes and kiss him gently on them. This way you will stimulate the parasympathetic nerves of the eyelids, producing a great relaxation and enhancing sensitization. If you combine the moment with maximum silence and whispered words, promising more pleasures or insinuating fantasies, success is assured.

– The sensitivity of the lips increases a lot with arousal, becoming more receptive to the touch of other lips, gentle caresses with the fingertips or contact with the other person’s tongue. Kisses play a fundamental role in foreplay.

– The tongue is extremely sensitive and excellent as a receiver of sexual sensations; In addition, with it you can stimulate any part of the body, enhancing pleasure.

– The ears are privileged points of pleasure for many people. Behind the lobe of the ear and the pinna are good points to start the sexual encounter, with the great advantage that they increase their sensitivity as arousal increases. You can lick, blow or nibble carefully, but always with great caution because it is a delicate area. You can also whisper words in the ear, taking into account what kind of messages your partner likes to hear.

– The nape, neck and shoulders are ideal places for sensual caresses. Stimulate these areas by gently caressing with your hands, kissing or licking. Kisses that are too passionate can leave marks because it is an area with many blood vessels, so it is necessary to be careful.

– The back is a very special area to give pleasure and especially suitable to start with the sexual encounter. Make him lie on his stomach and start slowly stroking his back, alternating with moments of more pressure, listening to what he tells you. This work is very important to loosen tensions and get into the mood. Do not neglect the buttocks and give them a special treatment.

– The area of ​​the nipples is loaded with nerve endings, so it is very pleasant for them that you stimulate them there. You can do it with your hand, kissing them or using your tongue, free your imagination.

– Men receive with great pleasure the stimuli in the fingers, made with the mouth. For them, that you suck their fingers is highly erotic.

– There are places near the genitals that are very special to provide pleasure: stimulate the perineum, which is the area between the testicles and the anus, with your fingers or with your mouth. This area is highly sensitive and erotic. The anus can also be very erotic for many men, but you should always pay attention to whether the person is receptive to receiving stimulation at that point, because it is a place loaded with a connotation of prejudice, which is why many men do not like it.

– The inner face of the thighs, due to its proximity to the genitals, is an extremely erotic area. In that place, alternate massages with small caresses made with your nails: success is assured.

– Of course, the genitals are the privileged points of pleasure for men. However, the recommendation is that you take a lot of time and do it slowly. He stimulates the penis and testicles with his hands, tongue and mouth, alternating moments of pressure and speed with calmer moments and withdraw: you’ll see how he asks you to go back to “work”. The important thing is that you leave the genitals for last, don’t rush to get here.

All these are general tips, but in each person one area may be more important than another, so you must pay attention to the signals that your partner is giving. When the sexual encounter progresses, the caresses should change in intensity and the excitement increases.

Remember that some people like caresses softer and others stronger, but combining the intensity and rhythm of your caresses is a formula that always works.

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