Would you like to know what tantric masturbation consists of? It is a pleasure technique that is becoming more and more fashionable and, in addition to being used to obtain physical well-being, it is especially interesting to achieve mental balance and an excellent feeling of well-being. Tantric masturbation is a very interesting way to get to know oneself. In this article we tell you much more information about tantric masturbation. Read on to become an expert and start enjoying this technique as soon as possible.

What is tantric masturbation

First of all, if you don’t know, you should know that sexuality is normally linked to a kind of duality. Most of us think that knowledge comes through our partner because it is what society teaches us from a young age.

We believe that it is the other person who should know our tastes, our body and our preferences , but without a doubt, in order to achieve good personal development and a very full life, it is essential to understand that authentic knowledge should not be done by the couple but by ourselves and that is why This is why for tantra masturbation or tantric masturbation is so important.

Think that if until now you have not spent too much time observing your own body, listening to your body’s needs and listening to yourself as a person and individual, you should do so because if you really want to enjoy your sexual life with With your partner or with other people, you must first achieve a satisfactory sexual life in solitude, so forget the taboos and start as soon as possible.

With tantric masturbation you learn how energy flows effectively with your body, you manage to understand your different rhythms and finally learn what gives you pleasure and what doesn’t.

Meditation is necessary and important to create a good bond with your interior and improve your sexuality to high levels. If you are blaming your partner for the problems you have to climax, you must first look within yourself because if you really know what you like, you will be able to guide the other person to enjoy together.

It is for all this that we consider the self-sufficiency that can be achieved with tantric masturbation to be very important, since you will also learn to love yourself, which is really important so that others also love you and to be able to live a full life without having to always have someone. the other person close because dependency is very bad for personal growth.

Masturbation has always been a topic that has normally been kept secret and the widespread taboos said that you had to do it quickly so that no one could see you, but obviously you have to leave all these complexes behind in order to enjoy tantric masturbation.

Think that you are really important and that is why you should treat yourself with the same amount of respect that you would treat anyone. Keep in mind that it will never be easy to excite yourself and that is why you must have time, locate yourself in a quiet place, forget about the clocks and let yourself go to enjoy yourself.

It is basic to prepare the room well as if you were going to enjoy sex with another person because as we have told you, you are just as important as another person and for tantric masturbation it is also basic that you relax your body, loosen your muscles and free yourself. mind.

You will also have to use all kinds of oils if you really want masturbation to be a success and we also recommend the use of candles, music and all kinds of exciting aromas. Flavors are also a good way to get more excited that you can include in tantric masturbation.

To start with this type of masturbation, keep in mind that it is not enough to stimulate only the genitals because there are many important areas in your body, so if you continue exploring your body you will be able to discover your authentic erogenous zones, you will realize that your energy is increasing simply using aromas or you will discover that you can get excited simply through thoughts so let yourself go.

Tantric masturbation can be enjoyed both as a couple and aloneand for this it is important to be relaxed, always caress yourself slowly, touch every millimeter of skin, open chakras and release chis. Fantasies are important and you have to let yourself go to truly enjoy them. You should never stop a fantasy and you should also pay close attention to the muscle called pubocoxygeus, which is the one that is especially linked to sexual energy and vital energy. To strengthen this muscle, we consider Kegel exercises to be especially interesting. These exercises consist of masturbation and relaxation of the pelvic floor area. After training this area, if it contracts during masturbation or in relationships, it will be especially easy to increase the level of pleasure and stimulation to the maximum.

In addition, when carrying out tantric masturbation we would also highlight the importance of the rectal area since there are many nerves in this place and it is a very sensitive area, so it is very interesting to investigate it with this type of tantric stimulation. but always paying attention to the body and respecting what it wants to do at all times.

Finally, it should be noted that orgasm is not an ultimate goal for tantric masturbation, but the important thing is to enjoy the path of pleasure and learn from each experience.

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