Sex is not just about penetration. It is important to get to know each other and achieve a level of intimacy that allows us to bare our bodies and souls without reservation, without fear. This includes knowing what each one prefers in bed and what it takes to climax. Whether it’s an elaborate fantasy or some necessities in bed.

Share these tips with your partner to explore pleasure together and that your nights are filled with pleasure.

  1. Tell her she’s beautiful and be serious . What does this have to do with the topic? Many women are shy about her body, so even if you are with the most attractive woman in the world, she needs to feel sure that you like her body. Tell her what your favorite parts of her body are.
  2. Women are more verbal than men.  This means that you need to talk to her, do not narrate events, just talk to her, tell her how beautiful she is and talk to her about her body.
  3. Start with the outer labia, then the inner labia, and find her clitoris.  Gently part her lips and using your tongue gently caress her lips, move slowly and slowly past her inner lips, taking your time slowly work your way to the top of her vagina and find her clitoris.
  4. If you are going to touch it make sure to moisturize your fingers. When you touch a woman, especially before touching her clitoris, you need to wet or lubricate your fingers. With her lubricants or with your saliva. Her genitals are very sensitive and if your fingers are dry you can hurt her.
  5. Get closer little by little, provoke her.  Women like subtle approaches. Kiss her thighs, lick them, make patterns with the tip of your tongue, quickly approach her vagina and then slowly withdraw. Make him die in anticipation.
  6. Play with her.  He licks the junction of her leg with her pelvis and move over her pubes. He licks her without putting pressure to turn her on more. When you see that she is excited and moves to get closer to her then go to her vagina.
  7. Kiss her gently first, hard later. Use your tongue to separate the lips of her vagina and run it up and down, through the folds of her skin. He carefully spreads his legs. Remember to be careful with her.
  8. Take advantage of your tongue. Use the tip of your tongue to put pressure on her vagina. Move as if you were using a finger or your penis. It will drive her crazy. Put your lips on the highest part of her vagina and find her clitoris with your tongue. Lick it and put pressure on it.
  9. Work with that pearl.  She carefully spreads her pussy lips and licks her clit. Do it fast. You will see that it makes her legs tremble. When you see that she is about to have an orgasm, put your lips in an “o” shape and gently suck on her clitoris. If she puts up with it, make it harder, if she likes it, make it even harder. If it moves the pelvis, if it moves completely, whatever you do, don’t let it go. Move with her and don’t stop. Do not stop.
  10. Use your fingers.  Not all of them like it, but those who do do not find it comfortable that you put your whole hand in their vagina. Don’t use more than two fingers. You can do this while licking her clitoris before and after orgasm.
  11. Learn to know their reactions before and during the orgasm.  Pay attention to how his body moves and how the expressions on his face change. Study your body and learn what are the signs that indicate that you are going to have an orgasm.
  12. As soon as her orgasm begins, don’t walk away.  If you do this, we assure you that you will find the Holy Grail of sex: a multi-orgasmic woman. When you see that she begins to contract with pleasure, put your tongue just below her clitoris and press with your lips. Move your tongue in and out of her vagina, if you have your fingers inside her move them slightly. Remember to be subtle as the sensations are very strong at this time. Pay attention to this: After orgasm a woman can remain aroused for an hour. This is a key time to give her more orgasms.
  13. The icing on the cake. Some women like to have their anus caressed during oral sex. Even put a little pressure on it.
  14. After orgasm. Make love to her gently. Talk to her, caress her body, her breasts. Stay with her until her arousal has worn off.

Follow these steps and we assure you that she will love you for life. No reservations. Remember that this is a technique that requires a lot of practice and a lot of communication with your partner. But he is sure that she will appreciate it.

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