When it comes to looking good, there is a range of possibilities that before the mirror allows us to see ourselves the way we feel most comfortable. There are those who believe that fashion does not bother us, but the truth is that not everything that is fashionable helps us to look good, however, there are many tricks, depending on the type of clothing, color, style, that allows us to maintain secretly those extra pounds that annoy us so much. Here we tell you some practical tricks, myths and realities when it comes to seeing you splendid.


1 Does wearing very loose clothing really hide the extra kilos?

It is a myth and it is categorical. The wide clothes do not lose weight or cover what is left, quite the contrary, what it does is produce the adverse effect. When we wear loose clothing, what we definitely achieve is that we look bigger and more voluminous. The most advisable thing is to wear clothes of the size that corresponds to us. It shouldn’t just be that it fits us tight, tailored to the body, the ideal is that the clothes are not so loose but not tight either, the precise size allows us to see ourselves better and, above all, if we can accommodate the shapes and colors we will achieve the goal we seek.

2 The use of Spanx garments




This type of garment and even if we add the girdles. The girdles (now there are tops with incorporated girdles, for better control of the abdominal area) are very good to reduce one or more sizes. They cover the abdomen and that allows you to hide behind them what bothers you so much when you wear some moderately fitted clothing. Using them is recommended for those who are willing to bear them adjusted to the body.


  1. It is always good to cover part of the arms



When we have wide arms, it is advisable not to wear sleeveless blouses or shirts, because that way they are even more noticeable. There are many types of garments that quite hide the arms, depending on the shapes and models. There are shirts or jackets with sleeves that reach the elbows that fit very well and make you quite stylish. If you prefer, you can wear a sleeveless shirt underneath and cover your arms with a jacket with this type of sleeves that is very aesthetic. Remember that discretion is part of elegance and good dress.



  1. heels and being overweight



Heels are always the best of valid resources. There is no garment that does not look better if we wear good heels. If we achieve a good height we will always see ourselves more stylized, even if we have a few extra pounds. In some way, if we look for the appropriate models and type of heels for each occasion, we will always look good with them. Although those that best leave us are the stiletto heels, if you have very wide feet or a very high instep, the stilettos are not aesthetic, nor are the pointed toe shoes.

  1. Miniskirts are not good allies

It is always better to avoid them. To use them, we must have very nice legs, but when we don’t, they don’t look good on us.

When we do not have the ideal weight, the best of the tricks to appear stylized and lighter is not to show the legs so much. Cover them, it is elegant a skirt passing a little more than the knees.

  1. Boxy jackets are not recommended


They are not very good companions when it comes to dressing, square jackets only make you look heavier. The buttoned and sometimes with crossed buttons usually look better but they should not be so short. The size should be discreet enough in length, without being too long or too short.

  1. the dark colors

It is very important that when dressing you know how to choose the colors, also take into account the occasion and the type of model with the color that you will use. The range of blues, gray, brown and the infallible black will be your best options when disguising. They are discreet colors that well combined leave you with a good appearance.


  1. Drawings, stripes and prints


This is a detail that you must take into account. Stripes are never good and, especially if they are horizontal, they inevitably increase the volume. So also the prints and large drawings, make you look heavier and even than you have because the designs that take up too much space increase volume from the perspective of the observer. You should always think that the more discreet the clothing you choose, the better you will always look.


  1. Be careful with the type of pants

Not all pants models are good. You must bear in mind that a high-waisted pants looks somewhat larger than the other models, both from the front and from the back. It is the worst option, choose those more discreet models with a lower waistband and in particular not so wide, always use your size.

10 accentuates your more attractive features


It is about looking special, that when you look in the mirror, the image that it returns to you is the one you wanted to achieve when you chose the outfit you are wearing. From the clothes, shoes and accessories you wear, everything must be in harmony to achieve that appearance you need, in which those annoying kilos are not so noticeable or else they remain aesthetic and discreetly concealed, behind the elegant woman who You feel.  

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