They say that being a father does not only mean being a parent, nor does it all end with the task of accompanying the mother during this process. The only profession that grants the title and the job before the race begins and less, before finishing it. It also implies leaving aside the person you are up to that moment, because you have to educate by your own example, leave behind personal pride, selfishness, learn to open your heart without fear, pay attention to where you put your foot when walking, because children will walk on that track. Understand that you must love, that responsibility never ends. In this exchange in which love and mutual respect is a father in daily practice, never before.

On what experiences do we base ourselves as children when we seek to be parents? What examples do we remember on the long road of life? From the experiences of our parents, from the experience of having learned from them and with them. I have had an exceptional father. It is likely that all of us children will have the same opinion right off the bat. But remembering it allows me to highlight those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat I learned and that should not be absent in any human being.

He was the one from whom I learned to have confidence in myself, because he believed in me and that has been enough. He has given me the strength to move forward and attack the stones on the road, not only because of his ability to teach me to trust in what I am and what I want, but also because his way of fighting to get ahead in life, It has been my best example.

With the goal set on the well-being of your loved ones, I don’t need anything more than to feel close to continue on the path.

He had the wisdom of the ancient ancestors with that kind of almost premonitory perception of the future, he knew how to find from a bird’s eye view what was beyond the horizon. An unknown capacity to perceive what the world that he expected from the doors of the house was made of. Nothing daunted him. Always forward.

I learned from him that life does not always offer you its best face, that, just as there are beautiful days, there are storms and gray nights, but you should never let yourself be carried away by the current. No matter what happens, follow through is the question. If something went wrong, you have to rethink the strategy, if it doesn’t work, starting over and changing direction may be the best option. They are not things that he has taught me with single words, I have learned from the setbacks that he went through in his own life and I saw him fall and get up many times. It doesn’t matter that life pays you for undervalued bets, one day you will get the bargaining chip you deserve. Do not lock yourself up or get infatuated. I understood that, when he was able to leave everything behind, resign in the name of his dignity, gather strength from where he did not have and start from scratch. I knew that no matter how bad things could go for you, if with your backpack on your shoulder, your ability to work and the eternal love of your loved ones, nothing can be wrong. The most important thing: only you are responsible for what happens to you and only you are capable of achieving what you set out to do, no one can do it for you.

I learned to be truly free. With the truth in the hands, a clean conscience and the thirst for justice as a flag. Freedom is not something that is bought, that is obtained in exchange for vendettas, it is what is gained by leaving the gates forever open.

The truth has its pros and cons, because it also hurts, facing it hurts. We have no other choice. Blindfolding yourself to be happy with a lie that falls apart and becomes effervescent is not worth it. The truth is one and even if it hurts we have to go through it and for this we must be prepared. That capacity for understanding was given to me by life and that great support from a father who loved me.

Evil and envy sleep very light. Living in this world is not easy. Many cracks and many tares are on the way. Not everyone will be happy with your success, others will want to harm you. The important thing is to be sure of the person we are, of our trust and keep our eyes open. Believing in yourself is the only thing that can save you.

I could spend hours describing what I have learned from him. What I mention has stayed with me as premises and parameters of life. Every step I take is always a closing of my eyes and recalling what I have learned, if I learned from someone whose best teachers have been life itself.

How not to love my father?

Although I no longer have him with me, because parents do not last forever, life is not perennial, I keep in the trunk of my memories and in the most treasured corner of my heart, the best moments lived with him and the learning that I would never forget. .

Above all, I learned that the life lessons that are learned from the people we love the most never die and that those people will continue to live in each learning, in each implementation of what we receive as an inheritance: the lessons of love. The beings we love become eternal in us.

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