Let’s admit it. Are trendy. Single men and women are the creme de la creme. Now that everything comes and goes, now that relationships have become the new risk sport of the 21st century, it is when being single begins to make real sense. Yes, singleness is at its best, it is the golden age of lonely souls, but above all of a specific species: the demanding single. That’s right, our dear solitary specimens have decided, in addition to being alone, to be demanding, I suppose to give more emotion to the subject and tempt fate to remain single for life. Here are the 10 realities that hide behind demanding singles (and singles), written with a large dose of irony and humor .

1. They are the Ghandi of Love

Until now you didn’t know, but love was invented by a demanding bachelor. Only they know and understand well what love means. It doesn’t matter if it’s been 5 years since the second date or if they have the Guinness Record in love failures, when it comes time to talk about love,  their philosophy is the only valid one and the rest of the couples in the world are about to be and in They don’t really love each other .

2. Profession: candle collectors

Because although their cover letter is: I’m open to everything, I live life, freelance style daddy, etc., in the end they become gourmets even in bed and little by little the candles end up lighting their nights. In compensation, sport often becomes his bandit lover. If you want to see a pack of demanding singles, join a triathlon club.

3. They are detailed beings

So much so that if you happen to make a funny face when you laugh, make a syntax error, breathe in a strange way or miss some unfunny joke, you will go directly to their list: NEXT. To all this, they are perfect.

4. Not single; Single

For them, being single is not a condition or a state; It is more than that: it is a lifestyle . It is the fact that they can go to the gym whenever they want, go out to parties without schedules, dedicate themselves to their work full time without giving explanations or enduring sermons… They are free, wild and indomitable beings. Simply put, single: the cool way of saying they’re going to die alone.

5. They are very believers

We do not know if it is in God, in Buddha or in Santa Claus, but they have faith and that is to be admired, because despite having been without a partner for years and endless failed dates, they do not lose hope of finding a person with the next basic profile:  educated, intelligent, with a sense of humor (ironic and sarcastic, no clowning), affectionate, attentive and at the same time free and independent, faithful, mischievous (but without going overboard), ambitious, adventurous but responsible and with a good work . And obviously attractive. The complete pack. Of course yes, for asking not to stay.

6. Psychologists by vocation and break couples by conviction

Do you have problems with your partner? Go to a demanding bachelor and you will enjoy a detailed psychoanalysis of your relationship, you will discover things about your partner and your relationship that you did not even know and it is possible that later, you will leave him.

7. If they could they would have a relationship with themselves

They love each other passionately and are perfectionists. It is for this reason that they demand from the other person the same or more than from themselves ; They are looking for someone who lives up to their expectations, expectations that are reduced as they spend Christmas in the company of their cat, dog or pet friend, which comes to the same thing.

8. They are afraid

When you meet a demanding bachelor, if you can see past his fucker or femme fatale facade, the first thing he produces is tenderness. Most have left headdresses from previous relationships. Don’t be fooled by his killer freelance speech, when you hear them brag about his situation, don’t say anything, stay silent and hug them.

9. Felices 30. Game over

With age, comes the moment of truth. What a time when we could afford to take casualties left and right, huh? Well  , the game is over. The time has come to recover the NEXT list.

10. They are unique

Because, despite pretending to be destructive psychologists, spending the day judging the rest of the couples in the world and criticizing each person who crosses their path, they are an authentic species that if they are single it is not only because they want to, but because he also knows how to be and can. That he is not satisfied, that he does not do what he should but what he wants and that while some believe that passion lasts 3 years, they do believe in it forever and refuse to live a relationship, a life, without passion, why? Because  they give love the value it deserves, that’s why they are (we are) unique, a true endangered species .

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