If you thought that your partner should lower that belly to perform better at the time of sex, maybe you should rethink that idea. For you to take into account, chubby men are considered the most accommodating and fiery when having intimacy. Undoubtedly one of the things that women prefer about chubby guys is their ability to cuddle them, but there is something that attracts them even more and it has to do with their great and creative techniques when having sex. But apart from creativity they also have resistance.

Visually skinny guys are usually very attractive, but that’s superficial. Society has also created stereotypes of men considered attractive, but will they serve in bed as a woman truly wants? As a first point there is no perfect body, since perfection is very subjective. So no matter what a man’s build, even if he’s thick built, they can be just as accommodating and creative in bed. Normally obesity is associated with erectile dysfunction, however, studies published in 2010 in the International Journal of Impotence Research: The Journal of Sexual Medicine, highlight that the fatter a man is, the less prone he is to premature ejaculation and that’s a plus point. Overweight men store high levels of a female sex hormone called estradiol, which interferes with the body’s ability to reach orgasm. That’s why fat men last longer in bed.

Next we will introduce you to some of the exciting and attractive benefits of being intimate with a chubby man.

1- No matter what position you want to experience with your partner, he will never have any problem when it comes to supporting your body in the best way. When it comes to being with a plump man in bed, you don’t have to worry too much about the details of getting hurt, since every part of his body is well “padded”

2- Perhaps the physical does not play much in their favor when it comes to looking, however they have other “lethal” weapons in sex, for some strange reason, chubby people (applies to both women and men) are very more affectionate and intense when it comes to pleasing in bed. Well, no matter what you ask, they always will.

3- As we said before, a fat man has other potentials that are extremely effective in bed. Apart from having that creativity and intensity, they are also specialists when it comes to manipulating your body in the way you ask them to, on the one hand they have the necessary strength to do it and apart from that, they know how to take you so as not to end up hurt 4- Well, speaking of the physical part and the ideas that spring from their minds when pleasing someone in bed, they can use other alternatives to produce a perfect orgasm in the other person. To cite an example, they have wider fingers, because that can be very useful to please a woman in various ways.

5- That the physicist does not end up deceiving you about what they are capable of offering you in bed. Normally chubby people tend to move at an excellent pace, because this detail must be taken into account because their physical complexion does not determine the speed of the action. They may be chubby, but they move with greater speed and endurance than any skinny man.

6- They do not need hours and hours in the gym trying to lose the kilos that others have, a chubby has the perfect combination between tenderness and rudeness. Any woman who experiences this is sure to reach more than one orgasm.

7- And if you thought that a chubby body can scare a woman, let us tell you that in many cases it is the opposite. In general, a wide and robust complexion is usually extremely exciting for many women. Apart from that tenderness or rudeness that fat men may have, also through their physical structure, they can make women feel protected. 8- When it comes to skill, fatties never end up at a disadvantage. These men are inexplicably adept at using their hands and tongues. In some cases they may be physically limited, but they have inexhaustible resources to satisfy you in bed.

9- There are certain details that make the difference between a chubby man and a man who is not, and it is precisely that your opinion is very important to them, for example, he will always be aware of your well-being and comfort, he will ask you what you want to do and how.

10- A man with a belly for no reason will make you feel insecure, on the contrary, he will inspire you too much confidence, so it will be easier for you to get carried away. That guarantees you more orgasms, much more pleasure and of course more satisfaction. Of course, a well-done sex session helps to increase your sexual health automatically. As the saying would say “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, chubby people have many hidden secrets, they have techniques and ideas that can even satisfy you much more when it comes to having sex. So if you have a chubby by your side, feel proud and enjoy to the fullest what he has to offer you.

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