Sometimes it can be difficult if the person who claims to love you actually does.

It is that, sometimes, the words are said nothing more. Social media posts can also be misleading (and in fact, you’ll come across many that are outright fake and out of touch with reality).

But there is an infallible method to know if he loves you: don’t look at what he says, but what he does.

actions and not words

“Words are carried by the wind”, goes the saying, meaning that sometimes, what has been said has little scaffolding and sustenance.

Recognizing true feelings is not easy, it can take a long time of knowledge and previous experience (and why not, of mistakes and disappointments).

But there is something that hardly fails: the observation of what that person does, not what he says. The actions are usually the reflection rather of the authentic feelings of a person.

These are some actions or attitudes that indicate that he truly loves you.

1. He always seeks to communicate with you, he tells you his desires, feelings and thoughts and he wants to know yours. The search for communication is one of the strongest parameters of a strong feeling. 2. He feels that you are beautiful and therefore, sometimes you will find him looking at you, without doing anything else. 3. On any occasion, he plays it for you. If he really loves you, he would like to see you happy and he will want to be involved in activities that you like, even if he doesn’t enjoy them. So he will watch your favorite series with you and do things that he dislikes, for the simple fact of being with you. 4. He appreciates the time you spend together and in fact, he tries to be with you as much as possible. If you notice that he even abandons some activities that he loves to share some time, it is a clear sign of the love that he feels for you. 5. Because he cares about you and your relationship, he goes out of his way to impress you whenever he can. He will do everything possible to be nice to your friends and family, he will try to get the best impression of him, just to please you. 6. If he loves you, he will slowly allow you to enter his personal life and the most intimate and important details of him. This is a clear sign of love, because a relationship is built on trust. 7. When a man loves, he seeks physical contact with the recipient of his feelings, so he will want to hug and kiss you as soon as possible. Hugs “just because” are not by chance, but a sure sign of love. 8. He may have a very busy life, full of work and commitments, but he will always find a moment to remember all the great events of your life, whether they are family, work, study or professional. And if you need help, he will be in the first place, even before you ask him. 9. If a man loves you, he will be able to change his habits and his lifestyle, simply to spend more time with you. He will sacrifice a movie or a game to help you in whatever you need or to be in your company for a while. 10. If he is proud of you and your achievements, he is happy about your triumphs and tells everyone about them, it is because he really loves you. 11. When a man loves you, he tells you his secrets. It is a great proof of love to tell a person confidences, because it means a very powerful gateway to intimacy. 12. If he remembers you, even if he is in unimportant things, it is because he loves you. That means not only that he will be waiting for your exam, of your work problem or your family inconvenience, but will also be able to buy you that chocolate that you like so much when you return home. 13. A man who loves you will show you that he misses you when you get back together. Maybe he won’t tell you with words (you know they are a bit harsh in that aspect) but you will notice it by the brightness in his eyes, the wide smile and the warm hug he will give you (not to mention the exquisite kiss, of course) . 14. When a man loves a woman, he doesn’t judge or punish her for something he has done and he upset her. On the contrary, he will be willing to help you. 15. If he introduces you to his family and friends and he speaks highly of you when you are with them, it is a clear sign of the love he has for you. Actually, he can’t help but tell the others how wonderful you are. 16. Life is not easy and there will always be disappointments and things that do not go well. In those cases, he will do everything possible for you, just so that you come out of the situation gracefully and smiling. 17. He may not tell you that he loves you, but when he talks about the future or his projects, naturally he includes you in it. That means he imagines his future with you because he loves you and wants to share it. 18. When he really loves you, he will be able to joke about your most negative aspects, a way of accepting you as you are, even when it comes to things that affect him (mood, impatience). Only if he loves you will he understand that it comes in the general “package” and he doesn’t care because that’s how you are. 19. He will show you his love in subtle ways, that are not noticeable all the time. Reserve the best place for you at a concert, prepare or order the drink you like, dedicate your favorite song to you, take care of yourself when you’re sick and many other small but important signs. 20. Of course, if he says that he loves you and reaffirms himself with some of the actions that we have described, everything is clearer and more forceful. And much more if he says it at any time and for no apparent reason. And long live love.

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