The 6 sexual games to get out of the routine with your partner

Tired of the same? Do you want to try new things? Wanting to enjoy your sexuality is something completely normal, it is synonymous with health. And without a doubt, having an open mind will open us up to try new things, such as  sexual games to get out of routine with your partner can be the best option to avoid monotony .

There is no doubt that sexual intercourse is one of the greatest pleasures that people can enjoy, but not everyone has the same way of thinking about sex. Well, there may be liberal people who like to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest and people who may see sex as something prohibitive or who must stick to a script or very rigid roles.

Whatever your case, with these sexual games that we propose you will be able to discover and innovate to fully explore your sexuality. But first, do you know the benefits of having sex?

What are the benefits of having sex?

Sex has great benefits for emotional   , physical and psychological health,   from masturbation to intercourse. Just as we take care of our food and our skin, why not take care of our sexual health?   These are just   some of its benefits:

        Burn calories.

        Strengthens the immune system.

        Strengthens our heart and will help us regulate blood pressure.

        Improves skin and hair.

        Helps prevent prostate cancer.

        Increases fertility.

        Reduces the sensation of pain.

        Prevents stress.

        Improves sleep.

        Strengthen the bond with your partner.

Sex games to get out of the routine with your partner

Do you want to surprise your partner? Do you want to explore your sexuality? Avoid falling into monotony! There are many ways to avoid falling into this monotonous trend when the most intimate moment with your partner arrives, without a doubt one of them will be these sexual games to get out of the routine with your partner.

the sex toys

The first game that we offer you and, for us, without a doubt, is among the best sexual games to get out of the routine are erotic toys . This world is very varied and can give a great twist to your relationships. For both women and men, choose what you like best. Toys for the penis, anal, aquatic, vibrators, dildos, suckers and endless products. 

 Don’t know where to start? Visit our website to see everything you can try. In addition, if you wish you can also use them without company, all are advantages.

fulfill sexual fantasies

If you have confidence with your partner, you have probably talked about the things you would like to do or that they do to you during sex, if not, it is time to do it. Daring to fulfill sexual fantasies can turn your relationship upside down, you can even gain greater complicity.

In addition, if this conversation has flowed and you have good communication with your partner in this regard, you probably already know what things you do not like , those that they would like to do or that were done to them during sex; If not , the time has come to do it.

Having good communication as a couple is synonymous with trust, stability is not only achieved when harmony with emotions is reached , but also in the most intimate aspect, sexuality.

new postures

What else can you do to get your partner out of that loop? There is no doubt that innovation can be a great idea. The new positions are one of the new sex games to get out of the routine as a couple that you can start trying today.

Looking for pleasure with new positions? It is infallible. The best thing is that you have multiple possibilities and it gives you the opportunity to find and get to know new points of pleasure with your partner, in ways that you had never imagined or were unaware of: the puppy, the missionary, the 68, the ohm , etc. . Find out which one may be your favourite.

Play with the temperatures to get out of the routine

The senses play an important role in sexual relations. The idea is that your partner tries new sensations through the sense of touch and that they can be the most exciting.

To give an extra point to the situation, you can massage with objects of different temperatures: massage your skin with a piece of ice interspersed with kisses and timely caresses, be it your abdomen, your legs… wherever you prefer. You could also do it with something a little high temperature, like wax.

Sex games to get out of routine with your partner: massages

Massages are a great idea to sexually surprise your partner. Forget about the typical ones due to stress , this time give your partner a massage that they can never forget. What? Manipulating not only the most common areas such as the back or neck, but also adding soft touches to your massage in the erogenous zones. You sure don’t expect it.


Without a doubt, Striptease can be the most erotic sexual game and one of the best to leave your partner speechless. If   you want your partner’s gaze to focus fully on you or you are attracted to the idea of ​​dance and movement, striptease is just what you need

It is not necessary that you be a professional dancer or that you prepare a dance, improvise and let yourself be carried away by the music. A movement of the hip here, another one there and your partner will not resist getting into the passionate atmosphere. Decorate the room, play with the lights, the smell… remember that the sexual act is not just penetration, every sense counts.

From Enjoy my toy you can get many of the sexual games to get out of routine with your partner, as with erotic toys, but that’s not all, you can innovate and try new things, from candles, costumes, oils … get a new approach to this pleasant act.

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