Looking for love is something inherent to the human being, but sometimes, the desire to find it is already so great that many women think they will find it quickly. The enamored ones are, in reality, “in love with love” and perhaps not so much, with the person in front of them at that moment. With the aim of fulfilling their need, they idealize the person in front of them, but since this is not the case in reality, the subsequent disappointment arrives and as disappointments increase, the ability to recover decreases, ultimately affecting self-esteem.

These are some characteristics of a woman who is too infatuated.

1 It goes very, very fast: she has just met a man and after a few minutes she already imagines life with him. Think about how you will present it to your family, if they get along, where the wedding will be. Think about what their children will be like and even their names. Imagining a future together is a common characteristic of excessively infatuated women.

2 Wants to talk to him all the time: calls and messages by all possible means are constant, to the point of harassing the man. If he does not answer, they insist again and again, without measure. This situation becomes even more serious if they are already a couple, because in that case jealousy will arise, forgetting that trust is a fundamental part of a relationship. This characteristic also makes her look for ways to multiply activities in common.

3 The woman in love thinks that everyone is “the one”: the need to find true love is so great, that they think that any man who appears is the one. In their minds they create an ideal relationship right from the first meeting, but most of the time they end up disappointed, because the emotional charge is so great that they overestimate the person and even leave aside the negative aspects, later arriving at disappointment when their expectations are hit by reality. Bad loves and frustrated relationships become something repeated, over and over again, in a circle that seems never ending and that has serious emotional consequences.

4 They seek to be in love, they want to feel that special emotion and they want it so much that they “make it” at the slightest opportunity. Longing to find that “blow of love”, many times they overlook the fact that most of the time, relationships are built over time and do not always appear magically. Many times they put aside relationships that could be fruitful and very valuable people in pursuit of something that does not exist.
5 All thoughts and activity revolve around the “beloved”,there is nothing else on his mind. To her, he is present all the time, no matter where he is or what he is doing at the time. Sometimes it even sounds like him. The excessively infatuated woman has only one topic of conversation: him, there is nothing better than him and she even leaves herself aside. In case of a breakup, this leads her to thoughts of deep underestimation, she keeps talking about him…until a new “he” appears.
6 Love comes to her in a few seconds or minutes and it will probably always be “the love of her life”, this is a very common characteristic in women in love. Perhaps the suitor meets some of her expectations, but they amplify and oversize her qualities.

7 Does not give things their due time and normal pace. Excessively infatuated women rush any matter they may have with their current lover, everything must be fast and that’s it. They haven’t even made it to the second date, but they’re already thinking about how they should say yes to the marriage proposal.

8 The woman who falls in love can show serious self-esteem problems , since when she is alone she does not feel comfortable and seeks to “complete” herself. Due to this affective dependency, it is not surprising that he postpones other areas of her life for the sake of her love life, relegating her personal and professional development. This, in turn, generates at some point more moments of crisis that in turn, try to face them with another relationship. A worrying and repetitive cycle. Remember, it is very good to fall in love, it is a unique and indescribable sensation, but the important thing is not to become obsessed with the first person who arrives. Even having controlling behaviors when establishing a relationship can lead people to prefer to leave it.

Before a new relationship, let it take its course and its time, do not force or speed things up, let them complete all the stages. Imagine that you are building a house and do not let the cement on the wall dry to put on the roof: everything will collapse sooner rather than later.

If you don’t respect the times of the relationships and know the people well, it will probably lead to frustrations and wasted time.

Source: http://www.yoamoloszapatos.com/lifestyle/7-cosas-las-mujeres-excesivamente-enamoradizas-hacen

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