Life takes many turns and things change value. What yesterday meant something, now can have a totally different connotation. The same blows that were once considered punishment, today are an effective (and very popular) way to feel pleasure. The buttocks are a little exploited erogenous zone and there are enough nerve endings in them to take you to ecstasy. If instead of caresses, you resort to spanking you will have the advantage that the vibrations produced by the blows extend to your genitals. And there are different ways to do it.

important differentiation

There are several reasons why spanking attracts both men and women. In intimacy, men need to feel that they can demonstrate their virility, something that has been very important to them since the beginning of civilization. This takes on a different connotation in the sexual realm, where spanking becomes an exteriorization of his virility. If he knows that his partner likes him, it will turn him on more. As for women, some feel eroticized with this practice and others do not. Spanking can be pleasurable both when it is given and when it is received, and it does not matter what type of body a man or woman has. Like almost everything in relation to sex, each couple will know when and in what position they will enjoy spanking the most, but certain suggestions can be made. With the woman on her back and held in four, The man feels that his buttocks are closer, they are well within his reach and he turns them on more. This position favors vision, touch and of course the imagination and is ideal for the temperature to rise in the room, both in him and in her. In addition, it has an obvious connotation of domination for the man, who will feel that he has taken control. Of course, the roles can be reversed and the woman assumes the dominant role. The variants are endless: for example, he sits on a chair, she sits on her legs, from the front or back and he plays with her buttocks with massages or small blows. Spanking, also called spanking, is done with the rhythm and intensity that both members of the couple determine as pleasurable, by mutual agreement. They must be distinguished from whipping, that are located in the area of ​​sadomasochism. The degree of intensity changes, although there are men who, in order to achieve greater excitement, need to increase the intensity of the blow: if the spankings are soft and delicate, they do not excite him, they should be done with greater energy and intensity, yes. The important thing in these cases is to clearly establish the conditions and set the immediate stop point.

Beyond the erotic implications spanking has, there may be a physical reason why gentle spanking is pleasurable. Gloria Brame, author of “Loving Differently: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission,” believes that the success of spanking is due not only to the slight pain experienced: “I think it has to do with the delicious burning and delicious heat and the delicious vibrations that it sends throughout the region.” Many of us accumulate tension in the buttocks, after long hours of sitting at work. Light tapping can work as a form of massage, stimulating circulation to the area and helping to relax the muscles. Physiologically, sexual arousal requires, before orgasm occurs, that the genitals and surrounding areas are well supplied with blood. Spanking contributes to this, since the impacts cause the blood flow to concentrate in the buttocks and in the areas near the genitals. For this reason, the buttocks are ideal for spanking: they have thick and short muscles, as well as being protected by a large layer of fatty tissue. Nor do they protect any hollow organ that could be damaged by blows, as long as these are subtle. These are some important elements to consider before carrying out this practice: 1. If you want to try it with your partner, the first thing is that both of you agree and that you establish the limits as far as you want to go. As things can get out of control at some point, it is best to establish a safe word to fall back on when the pain is unbearable. Saying this word, everything stops at that moment, 2. To do something new, it is important that you dare, forgetting prejudices and encouraging yourself to ask your partner for a spanking. You can also give it to him, when the encounter starts to heat up.

3. If it’s the first time you do it and you don’t feel so daring, you can start with butt massages, alternating moments of greater pressure and speed with other softer ones. To change the sensations, use an oil that raises its temperature with the touch.

4. Tip of pleasure. If you have long nails, you can use them for some erotic caresses with them on the buttocks. Remember not to exert too much pressure so as not to damage the skin, since it is a very sensitive area. 5. Stay away from the coccyx (lower back) when spanking, because instead of pleasure you will feel (or make feel) an indescribable pain. 6. If you both find that you like spanking and want some variation, you can use whips, whips, or wooden paddles. We remind you of what we said in point 1, in reference to the safe word that leads to the immediate stoppage of everything.

7. Spanking can be back and forth, they are not exclusive to one gender, you can receive them as well as give them, always with the corresponding consent.

8. If your partner is not very fond of changes in bed, it is important to talk before any experiment. In a conversation you can talk about the tastes of each one and other details. According to experts, spanking can bring a couple to climax and help them get out of a rut or become a recurring prelude to sex. They are also important because roles can be exchanged between the giver and the receiver. The essential thing is to take all the necessary measures so that no one is hurt (if a whip is used, it should be tested beforehand so as not to exaggerate with the intensity of the blow). Before carrying out any fantasy, both must talk about it, reach an agreement where the limits are set and respect it.

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