“I was never one of those people who expected little or nothing. I spent my life waiting for people to be with me in the same way that I was with them, and hoping that life would give me what it was supposed to give me. For the same reason, I was disappointed a thousand times in a long time.” “I went through so many moments of disappointment that one day I decided to change my strategy: I promised myself not to expect anything at all, to see how it went.”

“Surprisingly, in a short time things began to change. I’m not lying, of course many times she unconsciously expected things, because you can’t change overnight, but for something you start. Even if it was a bit forced, it still helped me not to think if there would be reactions to my actions, and once I started not to expect, the surprises started to come.”

“Learning not to wait was difficult, especially because of how I had always been. It was a long process of detachment, where I had to put my emotions aside a bit, but always thinking that it was for something better, which helped me. And once I did, for the first time I felt what it was like to be truly at peace.”

“At that time I didn’t have much. She had been out of work for a long time and my day basically boiled down to waking up late, reading, watching Netflix, writing and sleeping. On the other hand, she was completely single, and very happy. She was in a very personal process of getting to know me, so I was reluctant to start dating someone. And I decided not to expect anything. Not thinking about the future, or what should come to me, or how life should react to my actions. And of course, at that moment, when I least expected it, life began to surprise me. I practically fell out of the sky with an amazing job, in fact, the one I had always wanted, and when I least wanted it, and in the strangest way, I met an amazing guy.”

What I mean is that when you don’t expect anything from anyone or from life, everything becomes a surprise and a much greater joy. When you don’t search desperately and stay calm, things come by themselves. All gestures, no matter how small, come as a surprise to your life. A text message, a call, an I love you, a new adventure, a new person, will be much more amazing if you don’t expect it. And best of all, is that you will change the disappointment for the emotion.

With all this that has been narrated, it does not mean that we have to become people who do not care about anything at all, on the contrary, what is meant in these words is that each one of us must try to commit to ourselves. ourselves and give the whole world its best version, words more, words less, we must do good without looking at who, with the certainty that when we do good and selfless things God, life and the cosmos take care of giving us what we really need and deserve. And it is that human beings are very complex and each one can have a perspective of each specific topic, some will see the worst and others will see the best of the same situation,

That is why we once again remember the transcendental role that we have in this world, where we are important to many people and don’t worry, if you are one of those who think that you are not important to anyone, being important to yourself is enough, because sometimes We forget that we are never alone, that we have a father who loves us without any conditions and that we are beings created in his image and likeness, and I assure you that we are very important to him, more than we can even imagine. So if we start to reflect on the subject, it is even healthy that we go through life doing everything without expecting anything in return, so we will know that everything good that comes will become a blessing and that complicated and adverse situations can be taken as tests for you to forge a better character, so that you learn to be Resilient, cultivate daily the value of gratitude and with much greater reason improve your attitude when facing situations that can shake your world; because it is no secret to anyone that success or failure only depends on one thing: Attitude and it only depends on you.

“So if you don’t expect anything from anyone, you will learn to be more empathic, to put yourself in the shoes of others and thus you will realize that many times you expect things that you don’t even do. You will learn not to take anything personally, because as long as they come from your friends, they will never be with bad intentions. And best of all, you will learn not to expect anything from anyone.

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