I have always said that being in love is one of the most beautiful sensations there is, that peace that is felt when being with the loved one is indescribable and the desire to shout to everyone how happy you feel in the early stages of falling in love, and how you don’t mind making a fool of yourself for love, even the toxic people around you look differently when you’re in love. And not to mention all the plans that go through your head like a Hollywood movie, in short, the first moments of romance and kisses feel so good. But there is always a balance in everything that happens to us and what we do and everything has its pros and cons, today we are going to explore the two parts of being in love.

The best thing about being in love:

You have confidence in yourself, it’s not that you didn’t have it before, but that it is stronger, you feel that you are capable of achieving everything you set out to do and you also fully trust the person you love to the point that you put your life in their hands. · You strengthen your immune system, since a large number of hormones are released that strengthen your immune system, some people believe that if a person is sick and falls in love, they can be completely healed. Being in love is synonymous with living, several studies have been done and it has been proven that people who fall in love at the age of fifty have a rejuvenated heart. · It feels so nice to share that illusion with your best friends and talk about it. Daily tasks no longer seem tedious thanks to that illusion that you carry within you.

· It is very gratifying, you feel very pleasant sensations like butterflies in your stomach, that smile that does not go away from your face when you are about to see him again and feel his caresses and kisses so sweet, passionate and unique that they make you feel like in the clouds. · The feeling that another person thinks of us, loves us, accepts us as we are, even likes those little imperfections that many times not even we seem to like, sharing a bed, taking care of us if we are sick, those messages if we are away and support when we feel overwhelmed either by work or some other problem. All these things make it worth being in love.

The worst thing about being in love:

Loving and not being reciprocated is one of the worst things that can happen to you in life, it is a constant and sharp pain, it is like a wound that never heals, you feel miserable, the worst thing is when you live with that person for a long time time and at first they love each other and then you discover that your love is no longer reciprocated and you invest all your energies trying to conquer his heart again and discover that that person does not give you your place, and does not value you. In addition, he does not have enough courage to tell you that he no longer loves you and uses you only to satisfy his needs (maid, nanny, lover, to maintain social status, cover financial needs…) they behave in a selfish way and manipulate you to your whim, is a situation from which it is very difficult to get out. The desperation when some time passes and you don’t see it, It’s hard for people in love to be apart for long periods, you suffer a lot because of that. · Having a partner generates expenses, because they have to have fun, go out to eat, go to the movies, buy gifts… All this has a cost and many times it can be very high. · You gain weight, it has been proven that being in love makes you gain weight, the relaxation that follows falling in love is very intense and the anxiety produced by fights makes us eat without being hungry, and the frequent little outings to eat and then the afternoons of desserts.

· For many the worst thing about being in love is the loss of freedom, before being in love you used to read in your free time, you slept well, but the worst of all that is not being able to go wherever we want and with whomever we want because this It can cause us serious conflicts with the person we love. · You exhaust yourself mentally, you have to be constantly looking for phrases to send him messages that let him know how much you love him, or when you talk on the phone you must know what to say to keep that love alive and not lose him.

· You have fewer opportunities, it usually happens that one falls in love and impulsively commits too soon and then you meet another person who is more suitable for you and it gets out of hand.

· Your personal goals go to the background, when you fall in love you only think about making your loved one happy, we are capable of throwing away our studies and any other dream we have had and that interferes with the relationship. · You do a lot of stupid things, like spending every last penny you had saved on some silly gift, or taking a three-hour trip exposing yourself to all kinds of dangers during it just to spend a few moments together, or going to eat at a place knowing that this food harms you just for pleasing your partner.

· You suffer all the time, you suffer if a day goes by and they don’t call you, you suffer from being away from the person you love, you suffer when they leave you standing up, you suffer when you forget a special date, you suffer from jealousy; in short love and suffering come together. The truth is that it is very difficult to be in love, if you give too much it is wrong and if you give too little too, but what would this world be without love? It would not be worth living, we have all had our hearts broken at some point, but these experiences make us mature and over time we learn to love. And as I said at the beginning, love is the most beautiful feeling that exists.

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