There is no person who can resist an exquisite bar or bonbon, in any of its presentations, there is no way not to want to sink your teeth into it. Do you want to know the companies that made it a highly valued product with its original versions?

1- Lindt

It is the most popular quality chocolate brand in the world. It is a Swiss firm founded in 1845, which produces chocolates that are less traditional than many of those mentioned in this list, but with selected ingredients that produce an exclusive characteristic flavor of this brand.

2- Hans Sloane

One of the most exclusive brands in England is Hans Sloane.

Bill McCarrick, master chocolatier, creates the most gourmet chocolates with ingredients such as cocoa from Venezuela, berries, raisins, wines or exotic spices, achieving infinite textures and flavors.

The artisan makes available to the most select pockets – the price of each unit is around €1,500 – 60 samples with personalized chocolates. Who dares to indulge?

3-Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a candy consisting of a milk chocolate biscuit or wafer, created for the first time by the company Rowntree Limited in York (England, United Kingdom) in 1935. After the purchase of Rowntree by the multinational Nestle in 1988, This company markets the Kit Kat brand in the vast majority of countries except the United States, where it is marketed by Hershey’s.

4- Godiva

This Belgian brand is probably the best known high-quality chocolate maker in the world. Based in Brussels for more than 75 years, it sells its aromatic and refined products on five continents. They can be purchased online. Godiva owns and operates more than 450 stores in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, and its products are available through some 10,000 specialty retailers.

Its specialty is the Gold Ballotin chocolates, a sophisticated gold-colored box in which we are presented with the best assortment of the company: 36 pieces with chocolate of various textures and flavors that will delight the lover of this sweet delicacy.

5- Richart

Richart is considered the most expensive chocolate on the planet. It has been made since 1925 in Lyon (France), where it proposes to play with all kinds of textures, essences and flavors, using exclusively the best natural products such as pistachios, fresh fruit, almonds or hazelnuts.

A tradition when tasting the chocolates of this brand is to do it in order, as they come in the box, to appreciate from the sweetest to the most intense chocolate.

6- Leonidas

Another of the most traditional chocolate firms in Belgium, which uses only traditional methods and a careful selection of ingredients. It sells more than a hundred different types. The company has not only focused on the production of bonbons (soft-filled chocolate shells, called Belgian chocolate in English-speaking countries), but also sells marzipan, solid chocolates, and other candies.

The company is named after the Greek founder, Leonidas Kestekides, a confectioner who moved to the United States in the 19th century. The logo used on Leonidas shows an effigy of the Greek warrior Leonidas, king of Sparta.

7- Noka

Noka is one of the most expensive chocolates in the world. Its production is long and very expensive, since the best raw material is sought from the most inhospitable places in the world, and it goes through a very long process to give the best chocolate. For its elaboration they use ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate liquor and sugar.

Among its specialty is the Vintage Collection, a box of chocolates with the most select chocolate from Venezuela, the Ivory Coast or Ecuador.

8- Pierre Herme

Master Pierre Herme proposes to the sweet tooth (or gourmand) a combination of the best chocolate with a diverse variety of whiskeys. Its mix of flavors are a pleasure for the senses: fruity, bitter or spicy mix in a pleasant way on our palate.


This brand located in Neuchatel (Switzerland) combines two ancestral pleasures such as chocolate and 24-carat gold. Their chocolate is a mixture of various countries, with cocoa beans from Ghana, Venezuela and Ecuador. As for gold, it is totally edible as it is used to decorate food.

DeLafee’s flagship product is its tasting box, in which we will have at our disposal 24 gold flakes along with 8 chocolate bars.

10-Pierre Marcolini

This Belgian master is one of the world references in chocolate. He travels the world looking for the best cocoa and produces products that surprise for their perfection, their aromas and their lightness, with acid, bitter or sweet flavors. To do this, he travels annually to Mexico, Africa or Madagascar to be able to offer chocolates and bonbons with a multitude of flavors.

Once his search is over, a process begins in which Marcolini himself searches for new forms of pleasure to soar the imagination of the most demanding palate.

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