Although it may seem like a lie, with an inflatable doll you can enjoy very good and pleasant sexual experiences. You just have to learn what the best masturbation techniques are and you can enjoy experiences that you will never forget. Of course, in order to enjoy these experiences it will be necessary to buy one of the best inflatable dolls on the market, like the ones we can find at DeCondon. Once you have it at home, you will only have to inflate it and put into practice one of the techniques that we are going to show you next.


You have to put the doll lying face down. Now it’s time to go through the doll’s body from top to bottom and finally penetrate the doll. To get a good experience, once you have penetrated when you are horny, the important thing is to start from less to more. Everything will depend on your needs at that moment, but if you start slowly and increase the pace, the experience will be really good.


It is a slightly more complicated position, but with a bit of mana you will achieve it and you will be able to enjoy a really pleasurable masturbation. What’s more, if you like the woman to always get on top, this masturbation technique will not disappoint you.

You have to lie on your back on the bed and when you have your penis erect, put your wrist on it, turning your back to you. Now with your hands you will have to raise and lower your wrist to achieve one rhythm or another of masturbation. It may pull a lot in the arms, but the pleasure you are going to enjoy will be high. Remember, your wrist may fall off at first, but once you get the hang of it, everything will be perfect.


To put this masturbation technique into practice you will have to put the doll lying face down on a pillow, which will have to be at the height of the pubis. The objective is that the area of ​​the buttocks is raised and so you can enjoy a deeper penetration. Now you will have to hold the doll and start masturbation. As in the rest of the cases, you will have to set the rhythm, but I recommend you go from less to more so that the experience is much more pleasant.

69 position

The vast majority of dolls have a masturbation mouth. If yours has it, this technique can also give you a lot of pleasure, since it will give you the feeling of being with a woman. In this case you can choose whether to put the doll lying down or on top of you. You can try both positions and stay with the one you like best. Once you have chosen the position with which you feel most comfortable, it will be time to begin masturbation.

the amazon

In this case you will have to lie on your back and wrap your legs around the buttocks of the doll. At that moment you will have to place the wrist on the erect penis and grab it hard to start the movements that make the wrist go up and down. Depending on the rhythm of movement and penetration, the experience could be one or the other, hence it is a technique that more and more men use to enjoy a good masturbation with the inflatable doll.


It is a complicated position to perform and that can be considered as a slightly extreme technique. In this case you should sit cross-legged and when your penis is erect, put it on your legs to begin penetration. In order to achieve a greater degree of pleasure, you will not only have to raise it and lower it, but I recommend that you make lateral movements simulating a movement of the hips. And as in other cases, the rhythms are very important when it comes to achieving some results or others.

coital alignment

In this case you must separate the legs and perform the movements of penetration towards the wrist with the help of the strength of the extremities. In principle, the penetration will not be very deep, but the pleasure that can be achieved with this movement in some cases can be really extreme.


In this case you will need the help of a ladder. You will have to put one foot on one step and the other on another. As if you were climbing the ladder. When you have the position, you just have to put the wrist in front and start the penetration. It may seem silly, but this position offers a very pleasant pleasure, hence it is another interesting technique.

After knowing what the main masturbation techniques with an inflatable doll are, now is the time for you to put these techniques into practice and keep the ones that give you the most pleasure. Remember, each man is a world, that is, a technique may not bring you anything and another that you like a lot. It is important to try them all and it will be easier for you to stay with the ones that are capable of offering you the most pleasure. If you do things right, I can assure you that you will be able to enjoy really positive experiences.

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