Spring is in full swing, which means some of the lucky ones are already visiting warm climes, and the rest of us are busy making plans to do so in July. And, for those of us who are banking on a beach vacation to relieve stress, sex is certainly part of the plan. But if you’ve ever tried having sex on the beach, it’s not as simple as you might think; So to continue giving you good information so selflessly, dear reader, we tested some tips in the field to do it in the arena.

You must inform yourself

As an experienced bank robber, you’ll need to do a bit of reconnaissance before doing your dirty business. You must be attentive to the natural protection from prying eyes and gusts of wind that carry sand. It may also be a good idea to know when the tide is high and low at your chosen beach.


bring a towel

Moron. There’s no room for spontaneity when it comes to beach sex, and because you can’t drop anywhere and get down to business in full view of swooping seagulls, you’ll have to cover the ground. It goes without saying, but sand + genitals = an itchy, unsexy moment for everyone.

bring another towel

Double towel. This additional towel is only in case there is a group of people sunbathing about 200 meters from the beach. Plus, it’s another towel you can dry off with after your postcoital cleansing bath.

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wait for the night

Having sex in public isn’t exactly legal everywhere, and having sex just a few feet from a beach volleyball game is a real risk. Since you are a considerate person, you should plan sex on the beach for after dark, when you are less visible and the beach is less crowded. Just don’t bump into another couple while looking for your spot; however, it would be a great meeting, nice for you and a couple to start dancing.

carrying case

A large beach umbrella works wonders for keeping you out of sight of other tourists, and likewise, a couple of folding chairs can provide some comfort for your carnal cargo.

dress appropriately

For her: a loose summer dress, or whatever loose beach dress you find this season. For him: swimming trunks or large shorts, whatever he can put on and take off quickly. The main idea is to wear something you like to do it, and quickly put it back on in case of those prying eyes or passersby.

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Make it quick, but make it count

Time may be of the essence for you and your partner to get through this with your dignity intact, so you won’t have time for more effective foreplay (sorry). However, privacy permitting, you should be on the lookout for the sound of the waves and the sea breeze while they’re at it, because it’s not every day you get to do that on the beach.

When you’re done, take a dip!

This will be the simplest advice, but it has to be said: the easiest way to clean yourself up afterward is to run to the lake or ocean. No one will have to know what to expect from you, your partner and the fish that are swimming by, but if you’re both itching for another round of beach sex, remember to head back to dry land, because sex in the water is never such an idea. good as it seems.

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