There are several techniques that you can apply with your partner to make the relationship work. Basically we refer to caresses or something similar that you can offer your partner. On the other hand, improvisation is also good for any case where you have that special moment to show love to each other. That is why you should learn to do certain things like touch, caress and kiss some delicate areas, such as the neck area. This area of ​​the neck excites both men and women.

It’s all a secret, kissing your partner’s neck can be a cute way to show your affection, but it can also be used as a sexy move that starts foreplay that can lead to much more. You can kiss your partner’s neck in many places, and you can even mix kisses with licks and bites, depending on the situation.

Although it seems simple to do, it certainly requires a technique based on softness and the duration of the kiss. Before doing it, you should know that the skin of the neck is extremely sensitive, so you should mainly be careful not to leave it marked, control the intensity of those kisses. For that reason, long but very soft kisses on the neck are recommended. If you want to know how to kiss your partner’s neck, just follow these steps:

1. As a first point, before launching to kiss her neck, get closer in a subtle way, slowly part her hair in the case of being a girl and gently caress the area you are going to kiss with the tips of your fingers. You must use your fingertips to try to give them pleasant caresses to your partner’s neck, this type of contact, to be effective, has to be very soft, so much so that the other person reaches the point of being excited. . Try to locate a part of that area and complement it with delicious kisses, that way you will see how it shudders with pleasure.

2. Do not kiss any area of ​​the neck, always try to kiss your partner in a sensitive part of it. For you to take into account, one of the most sensitive parts of the neck is the one where it connects with the shoulders and the clavicle. Another sensitive part that you can use as a ground for your kisses and caresses is the left or right frontal area. But equally, almost any part of the neck is sensitive and susceptible to kissing.

3. Try to moisten your lips and then begin to slowly kiss her neck with your mouth closed, but don’t let it end there, the neck is just the beginning, then you must take a tour of various parts of her body. For example you can slowly slide your mouth over the collarbone and shoulders. Use your body as you kiss your partner’s neck. Do not stand far away from her to kiss her neck, hug her while you kiss her, you can do it standing in front of your partner, or behind her.

4. Not everything should be done with your mouth closed, you can also kiss your partner with your mouth open, as we said before, the neck is a very sensitive part, you can stand on top of it and move slowly at the same time as the kisses. Another technique that could make your partner enjoy is that you blow on his neck, because moistening that area with your saliva and then blowing a little hot air on your partner’s neck between kisses, will make him go crazy with pleasure.

5. You can use your tongue as another option, in that case, first try to use only the tip of your tongue and pass it all over his neck, until you get close to the ear where you can blow hot air again. If it’s something you’re already used to doing, you can lick your partner’s neck from the bottom to the top. As we said, use only the tip of the tongue and do not do it in an accelerated way, you must always be very tender. As you do this, make sure your partner is enjoying the sensation.

6. Anything goes when it comes to turning on your partner. We talked about kissing and licking the neck, but you can also add something else, suck the neck. This is a more delicate technique than those mentioned above, if you are going to suck your partner’s neck you should do it gently, without making a mark. Ideally, you should do this for just a second or two at a time. Do not do it too fast, as it is a delicate area and you could leave a mark, because your partner may not like it.

7. A few soft bites would be very good for your partner both in the neck and in the face, that is something that would really excite her. After you have kissed his neck, you can try gently biting his skin. If you’re careful, you can bite a bit of skin between your teeth, and gently lift it up before lowering it back into place. Always remember to take it easy.

The neck is a very delicate area as we have already explained, so it is not simply about kissing it, because you must know certain secrets to do it. You can kiss the neck as you like, but that does not guarantee positive results, for that you must deploy the techniques we are talking about.

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