Few activities are as pleasurable as having sex. But these moments of intimacy, in addition to making us enjoy, can benefit us by improving our mood, our immune system, and reducing stress.

There are different ways for intimate relationships to happen, and they vary according to the tastes and preferences of those involved. On this occasion we want to tell you about some of these types and their special characteristics

sex with love

To have sex it is not necessary or mandatory to do it with someone you are in love with. However, when a person feels something special for another and vice versa, the quality of the sensations that are experienced in the act is usually greater and better. 

Love is the most stimulating way of having sex, emotions stimulate thoughts so making love is one of the most incredible experiences that the human being can enjoy.

sex without commitment

Not all sex is with love nor do you have to be in love to have it, so sex without commitment is a fairly common type of sexual practice. 

Its main characteristic is that people who are sexually involved have no intention or interest in having a relationship based on commitment. They can be good friends and have a nice friendship, but they don’t want to be boyfriends.

tantric sex

Tantric sex focuses more on mindfulness and being in the present moment with all your senses than on the sexual act itself. It is based on existentiality and the “here and now”. Indirectly, this attitude towards life affects sexuality, since a non-judgmental mentality is adopted, in which the person connects with her being and that of her partner.

Tantra allows us to live with greater freedom and helps us develop the senses and the way of loving others. Also, there does not necessarily have to be intercourse.

Spontaneous or planned sex

On the one hand, spontaneous sex is one that occurs without planning it. For example, a couple is in a bar and the emotion of the moment leads them to meet in the bathroom and get carried away by the adrenaline of the situation. 

On the other hand, planned sex is the opposite, a couple decides they want to have sex at a specific time and place. For example, they decide to go to a motel, they know that their intentions are nothing more than to fulfill their fantasies. 


The quickie can be established as a variation of spontaneous sex. Its special feature is that it is short-lived. Some know it as a “quickie”. It has a lot of emotion and can be very exciting because it almost always occurs in improvised situations. 

phone sex

Phone sex is a form of sex similar to quickie, full of excitement because it is not common. The phone is used to arouse the other person and have sex while having a bawdy conversation

This can happen either by talking and listening to the breaths or also by using the famous “sexting” which is about sending risque text messages so that the imagination of the other flies. 


In a trio the main characteristic is that two people do not participate in the sexual act, as in the conventional way, but rather this type of sex is more liberal and another person is included in the act. 

This is a way to vary common practices, and it depends on each person and their preferences to want to practice it. 


The orgy is a type of group sex (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual or lesbian) in which, generally, there are no restrictions. Unless there are rules explicitly defined by the participants. 

It takes place when there are more than three participants in the sexual act and, in addition, there is an exchange of participants during the act. On the other hand, an orgy is not the same as group sex, as this can include other forms of sex such as dogging, a practice in which exhibitionists and voyeurs participate.

Couple swapping (Swinger)

Partner swapping is a type of sex in which couples or married couples agree to have sex with members of other couples. If you do the right search you can find other couples who are willing to experience

Being a swinger is not just being open without rules, swinger couples usually establish guidelines such as respecting each other, being honest, taking sexual health tests, using protection and maintaining confidentiality. 

If you want to know more about swingers click here.

anal sex

Anal sex is a form of sex that includes the introduction of the male sexual member through the partner’s anus. For some people, anal sex can be a taboo subject, although today it is a very common practice. 

We have told you about 10 different types of sex, the important thing is that everyone involved understands that it is about enjoying. Sex is one of the best experiences in life, you decide how you want to carry it out. The importance lies in communication and knowing how to understand your partner and their fantasies. 

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