Being able to become aunts is the most wonderful feeling and experience in the world. We are very important people in the lives of our nephews, since we fulfill different roles, not only that of being aunts and some of these roles are: mother, sisters and unconditional friend for pranks.

This thing of being aunts, we love it! Because this bond has thousands of advantages and not only for the nephews, but also for us.

First we have to understand what it is to be an aunt?: an aunt is that woman who feels super proud to have all her computer, her phone and house full of photos of the most beautiful little person in the world, she also feels with all the right to fill it with love, pampering, games, kisses, hugs and above all with toys, people who can spend almost their entire salary to find that most desired toy. She is also that woman capable of planning and organizing the best extracurricular activities that you can think of.

It is the best job in the world and we enjoy it 100%!

An aunt is not exactly a mother who has the legal authorization, but by nature they have that protective instinct and they never hesitate to use it. She is an inexhaustible source of help that every boy or girl needs to grow and develop strong, healthy and confident, fulfilling her needs for love and affection.

The importance of this great role that we have to perform, is to intercede in the moments in which the nephew has a crisis of rebellion, where he is completely ignoring the authority of his parents, it is up to us to create an environment of trust and understanding , thus strengthening the affective bond that unites us.

We as aunts also have a magical ingredient that makes us great, we are full of love to give, we give more kisses, hugs and less scolding, but we also know how to set limits, we fully understand that everything we teach will be better if we apply it with examples diaries. We are also able to encourage them to improve using different techniques from the parents. We have the ability to listen to them and understand their concerns, without questioning them when they make a mistake, and we provide the exact dose of complicity and care. We are mothers disguised as friends. The perfect mix between the ability to guide, advise, love and the power to turn dreams and fantasies into reality, we can create adventures every day, because creativity is part of our lives.

Those of us who managed to reach this level feel fully proud of what we are capable of doing for our nephews, seeing them grow and believe in themselves is beautiful and even more beautiful that we also help in that formation.

Being an aunt has great value. Here we show you some advice (tips) so that you are an exceptional aunt. Get involved: you must get involved with everything that is related to your nephew / a, this implies knowing exactly who he / she is; You should also take the time to get to know him thoroughly, to know that he likes her, what she is passionate about, what she feels in certain situations, which soccer club she encourages, what her fears are. You should try to show him that no matter what age difference you have with him/her, you are here to support him or answer any of his questions. It is important to recognize her fears without them saying so, since that is the way to create new ties and show her that she can count on you in anything.

Love him: To love someone is to feel immense happiness for the simple fact of the existence of that person. Loving also means enjoying every second you share with us, feeling grateful that you came into our lives, because you fill our weekends or our family gatherings with laughter and games. This time is unique and ours, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest with your company, do not let work and other obligations take away this time with your nephews.

Express your love : You must express it in all possible ways, teach him to grow and live with love, show him that this feeling is built with small actions, that he must put all his energies into what he loves. At the same time show him that you are here to protect him from whatever comes. You will be his ghost fighter, you will use a special suit to overcome his fears and fears. Also show him that you can unmask all those monsters that in the dark of the night become giants and scare him, that in reality they are just shadows of a piece of furniture.

Activate your inner powers to strengthen theirs : You must explain that all our fears are inside us, where they live and feed and grow if we do nothing to avoid it. Teach him that only he/she can put them aside whenever he wants. That she learn to attract the positive into her life, first desiring it and then believing that if she is capable of achieving it, if she works and puts all her effort into it.

The mind is a powerful weapon that you must learn to use, all the great inventions once came from a simple idea, the key is that you should never believe that an idea is silly, if it is something you really love you could make it come true, you must make it believe in yourself, that you will go far. It’s all a matter of will and enthusiasm.

This task of being an aunt is not easy at all, but the love you feel for your nephews will give you all the strength.

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