The ex-wife of the “king of pop” decided to break the silence and make a confession that has shaken the media, Internet users, as well as the thousands of fans of the artist by confessing that the children she had during her marriage to the artist are the product of an insemination, he asserted that he never had sexual relations with the artist. Debbie Rowe who married Michael Jackson decided to make strong statements that shake the lives of many people and generate controversy and intrigue about the shaken, controversial and enigmatic life of the so-called “king of pop”, the woman says that she felt used to please the whims of who was then her husband.

She expressed to the media that she felt at the moment “a mare being inseminated”, when her husband chose to carry out the artificial insemination procedure for which she offered her uterus in order to “make him happy”

After the multiple scandals that surround the life of the famous singer, now comes the outrageous confession of his ex-wife who declares that his children Prince and Paris do not belong to the singer, coming from a sperm donation.

In addition to this, the well-known Leaving Neverland documentary is added, where two men denounced the abuse they suffered at the hands of Michael Jackson in the 1980s. These facts continue to shake all the media and focus attention on the various problems that I generate the excessive life of the king of pop. Debbie recounted in the middle of her argument that they met at a dermatological clinic where she worked at the time and a great friendship was consolidated between them that lasted about 15 years while he attended consultations and treatments for his skin problems, they ended up consolidating their union formally getting married at the Sheraton Park hotel in Sydney, Australia in 1996, while they had a year apart, by then he was already divorced from his ex-wife Lisa Presley.

During the celebration of the nuptials Rowe was already six months pregnant and gave her the joy of her first son named Prince who was born in February 1997 and by 1998 her second daughter Paris was born, this led them to present various problems marriages that determined the culmination of the marriage, the singer managed to obtain custody of the children.

Rowe, outraged by the facts, attended various interviews where she openly declared that Prince and Paris were conceived artificially by inseminations from an unknown donor because during their marriage relationship with Jackson they were unable to have sexual relations, cataloging the king of pop as a liar by saying that the children belonged to him.

He described his experience as disturbing and traumatic “I was impregnated. In the same way that I impregnate my horses to reproduce. It was very technical. I was his thoroughbred mare” For two decades, the paternity of the singer has remained under various intrigues, many arguments have arisen from the subject and comments on the situation continue to appear, making it polemic and controversial, generating multiple opinion matrices without fully clarifying the case. In addition, Mark Lester said that he had been a donor for the insemination so he was given the chance to meet the children in the UK.

“Michael was divorced, single, and wanted to have children. I was the one who told her: ‘I’ll have your babies.’ I offered him my belly. Was a present. It was something I did to make him happy,” Rowe said.

Rowe also added in the statement that she did not consider herself the mother of the children because the singer did not allow her to develop ties with them “Because Michael did everything. I didn’t try to be a mother. I didn’t change diapers, I didn’t get up in the middle of the night. Even if I was there, Michael did everything.”

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