They say that 40’s are the new 30’s. So let’s take this phrase as a premise that should drive us to turn our look around, change the style and get out of the ordinary. When we are entering more mature ages, we form some prejudices regarding the haircut, the color of the dye, the way of dressing, what we do not know is that in most cases we can be very wrong. Not everything is cataloged by age, although it is true that certain fashions suit us better than others at those ages, it is no less true that we may be acquiring a wrong idea of ​​what really makes us look young and beautiful. Give yourself the opportunity to change and take a look at our tips.

Before moving forward, you must make a firm resolution not to allow yourself to feel insecure. That’s what giving yourself the opportunity to change your appearance is all about. We have moved on to another decade, we are in a stage of our lives counting the achievements and challenges that we have been able to overcome, we are women with experience, but we must not give in to the cobwebs of time. The time has come to undertake this new stage and enjoy the experiences that are to come, then give yourself the opportunity to make a change of look that makes you feel not only young, but also sure of yourself.

Cast the wrong thoughts out

Many women fall into the contradiction of beginning to believe that certain haircuts and hairstyles are no longer for their age. They think that they would look ridiculous using this or that cut, but, the paradox in it is that you see it in other women and you start to think about how beautiful it looks on others, putting the limitation of giving yourself the pleasure of seeing how it looks on you. you. That is the attitude that you must eliminate from your life.

That you have turned 40 years old does not mean that you are destined to use those hairstyles that you were used to seeing in old movies. Do not allow any negative thought to deprive you of seeing yourself splendid, young and modern. We are not talking about making you look ridiculous, on the contrary, it is about letting your beauty be noticed. Think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, on the contrary, you may be missing out on an opportunity to see yourself and feel better.

How to choose the look that suits us best?

You must, first of all, look for something that is not going to bother you on your day. The cut you choose will depend a lot on the type of activity you do, as there are cuts and hairstyles that can be uncomfortable, if you have to move a lot, if you are in an office permanently, or whatever your work is. Remember that first of all you should look for that look that also gives you the feeling of comfort.

Read carefully these proposals that we bring you. You will surely be ready to write down the one you like best.

Do not leave in the hands of your hairdresser the decision of which cut goes better with your face or which are the options that can look good on you. Be the one who makes the decision, she can be wrong, but you know that she suits you better.

1 Wear the bangs above the height of your nose

Do not use it straight, preferably to the side. Find the side with which you look best.

2 The mane cuts

The haircuts are the ones that most give the feeling of refining the face. You may like one of these looks.

3 Tone down a little straight hair

If you like to keep it straight, try to give it movement by lowering the cut, but only forward, in the lower part it is better to leave it straight.

4 some color

If what you want is to vary the color a little, then it may be convenient for you to give it some light with some reflections or with Californian highlights, as they give a touch of depth to your face. If you have a special event you can take the opportunity to look different

If you always wear your hair down, this is the best opportunity to see yourself different from the other days. Pick up your hair, as it gives you elegance for the occasion and you can better show off the accessories you are wearing that sometimes are not so noticeable behind your loose hair.

the straight hair

It always looks good. There is no time when straight hair does not let you look splendid. It has the peculiarity of giving your face that slight youthful touch and a bit of freshness. By the way, she always looks good with any kind of clothes.

curly hair

If in your case you prefer curlers and you don’t see yourself with other types of hairstyles, we advise you to leave your hair longer so that they can look much better and to give your face some style, usually they don’t look good with long hair. short.

You don’t change your style

The fear of changes is usually present when you have some intention of changing and renewing yourself, but you also feel afraid that, in that variation, it will affect your personality. Don’t be fooled by this thought. You can renew yourself, improve your appearance, look younger but it has nothing to do directly with your personality, you can apply differences to your style, but you will always remain yourself.

When we prefer to continue as we are because it is more comfortable

The fast-paced routine, activities and chores sometimes overwhelm us and we don’t have time to dedicate ourselves, to take care of ourselves and pamper ourselves as we deserve and we prefer to continue as we are because that way we consider ourselves more comfortable. However, that should not be an impediment, on the contrary, we should, for the same reason, actively work to improve our appearance and worry about our personal appearance.

Nor does this mean that the changes should be so radical. It is not necessary. You just need to do things for your image and the difference will be noticed.

The straight cuts

These are the cuts that you should do to the side. Low hair looks good on all women regardless of style and age. Try to find out how you look with a cut like that.

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