The woman tries, without much success, to get her little daughter to eat the porridge she prepared for her

Her name is Angelina, she is only 15 months old and even though she is just a little girl, she has become the protagonist of one of the funniest videos of the year. Angelina’s mother, Carito Padilla, had the brilliant idea of ​​recording the hilarious “conversation” she had with the cute baby when she resolutely refused to eat the porridge they had made for her and, after posting it on the networks, it ran like a trail of powder all over the net.

In the video, you can see the mother asking her daughter why she doesn’t want to eat the porridge and the little girl responds with a series of sounds as an answer. Holding back her laughter, the girl is shocked when she sees on the screen of the mobile phone that she is recording the funny moment, and she starts laughing non-stop again, when her mother makes faces at her in front of the camera. she.

In the end, already tired of the struggle, the mother resigns herself and puts the food aside: “She didn’t eat the potato, she ate banana, yogurt, but not the food.”

Padilla published the video on Tuesday and in just a few days it has achieved more than 18 million views on Facebook alone. In addition, it had more than 30 thousand comments and has been shared by other users more than 400 thousand times.

But, beyond the funny anecdote….

What to do when your baby does not want to eat?

Pediatricians suggest identifying, in the first place, from when they present this rejection.

If it happens too often, it may be for one of these reasons:

· Acid reflux: that is, the baby does not produce enough acid in his stomach to allow him to process food. Generally, it resolves as the first few months of life pass. Also, if, on the contrary, the boy produces too much, he will also have pain and cry every time he is fed.

· Lactose intolerance: occurs when the body does not produce enough lactase, the enzyme necessary to process dairy products (this is not the case with cheese and yogurt, which are already fermented dairy products). Lactose intolerance causes intestinal pain. Keep in mind that when this food intolerance occurs, the baby will have a tendency to be affected by others as well.

· Expectation and excessive pressure from parents: the baby eats out of necessity, not out of obligation. So, many times it happens that, with a certain amount, the baby has already satisfied his food needs, but it is the parents who insist that he “eats little”, when in reality the problem is not with the baby, but with his expectations.

· Digestive problems: they usually manifest with diarrhea, cramps, discomfort and even vomiting.

· Suffering from some other type of disease:  In this case, it is normal for the baby to feel less appetite. For example, if you have the flu or a fever, it is normal for you to feel less like eating.

It is essential to consult with the pediatrician if this behavior persists.

Tips for your baby to eat well

1.- Never insist

For the little ones, the fact of seeing that we insist too much with a specific food makes them think that it is not as good as we try to sell them. Parents who insist that a child eat vegetables and then reward him with dessert only exacerbate the problem: they are reinforcing the idea that vegetables are horrible and dessert is desirable.

2.- Camouflage

The bitter taste of calcium, very present in spinach, Swiss chard, cabbage, onion, thistle or broccoli, can be a sensory factor that has a very negative influence on the palate of children, causing them to reject its consumption. You just have to find something to counteract that bitterness.

3.- Do not always insist on the same food

It may happen that we insist on our son eating, for example, spinach. But we must remember that there are no essential foods, but essential food groups. Therefore, you can try other vegetables such as broccoli, courgette, carrot or cauliflower.

4.- That your child is not tired

Perhaps we become more obsessed with what we feed than what state our baby is in. One fact that experts always warn is that if our child is very tired, it is most likely that he does not want to eat anything.

5.- Praise him when he eats well

It is convenient to attend to your child’s positive behaviors and recognize them, in this way they will repeat them. For example, if you say “It’s fantastic how well you do it, how great you are getting!” When he brings the spoon to his mouth, he will get your attention again by repeating that behavior.

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